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Jackson Collection

Jackson Collection would be the exception to the "Gentry Family Papers" collected by two brothers it was left to the people of Carlow circa 1880 by their sister, much of it consisted of items not of Carlow interest, a lot of stuff has been added to it over the years but also much of it is unaccounted for, it ended up in the custody of the Carlow County Council and was neglected, today only a fragment of the original survives.

The Jackson Collection was compiled by Robert Jackson, a quartermaster at Carlow Military Barracks

Watson Family

A major collection of Watson family material is held in a solicitor's office in Carlow. (It is hoped that the collection can be presented to Carlow Archival Centre) included are 4 large Settlements on parchment (one consisting of 6 pages)

It appears they conducted much of their business via "Marriage Settlements" and "Settlements" transferring land and houses to each other. There is a Soloman Watson involved in the late 1600s.

Other collections which are of interest to Carlow Historians (some in private hands) are:

Bruen Collection

Tyndall Collection

Burton Papers

Vigors Papers

The Marlbourgh Clarke Douglas Collection

Michael Brophy Papers

Hadden Papers (all good for Local History Studies )

The Eustace Papers

The Watson Papers

The Browne-Clayton Papers (basically most Landlords kept detailed data on their Estates and Tenants etc.

Pat Purcell Papers which contains a life-time of collecting and history research and genealogical data for 100s of families

It is hoped that one day they will all find a home in a proper established Archival Centre in Carlow

Michael Purcell

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