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  Calling all 'Carlovians' 

This letter is addressed to all Carlovians around the World and to anyone else who is interested in preserving the history and Heritage of County Carlow.


We are appealing to all Carlovians around the world who may have old photographs, postcards or newspaper cuttings of Carlow and they would like to share the information and images with fellow Carlovians through this Carlow IGP website.  I am particular interested in old Street scenes, Country scenes, County sporting events of the past are always been asked for. School photos of of old schools and pupils. Old documents such as letters, shop receipts and especially old newspaper cuttings. Maybe you would like to write a page on a particular subject about Carlow about your your own experience of your life in Carlow? Then please send me your work, and if suitable, I will have it published on the Carlow IGP website. Everything that we put on the Carlow website is credited to the person who submits the material.

If you would like to join the many other contributors and help us build a much bigger historical picture of Carlow's Past then please contact me at the following email address mjbrennan30@gmail.com with your details. I will advise you on how to send your contributions.

There is also a FREE Mailing List that you can join and discuss any difficulties you may be having in searching for your ancestors from Carlow. You can also join in any of the discussions we have on a regular basis about items related to Carlow and it's past history.

To subscribe to the IRL-Carlow mailing list, send an email to IRL-CARLOW-request@rootsweb.com  with the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the Subject box. No additional text is required.

You can now view in the comfort of your own home some of the very rare documents, photos and records of Carlow by visiting the Home page of this website and follow the links at your leisure.

The Carlow IGP website is a totally free access genealogy and history website. People who are researching their Irish Ancestors can do so from the comfort of their own home (and a PC of course), and without fear of having to pay extortionate fees to researchers who cannot guarantee results but still take your money.

In 2000 I was asked to take on the task and responsibility of looking after this website as it had become slightly neglected and forgotten and it was proving very difficult to find someone who had a knowledge of Carlow and at the same time, was willing to give up some of their spare time to develop and promote Carlow and its history. I was only too happy to take on the task as I had lived and worked in Carlow for a number of years back in the 1960's. I had also amassed a large amount of material over the years such as old newspapers and books about Carlow which came in handy when I was putting material together for the website not forgetting the large amount of material that people have very kindly donated to the project. To-day we are proud to announce that there are over 33000 pages of information on the website.

We are continually adding new material and we are always looking for more people to contribute any material they may have that highlights the history of Carlow.

I look forward to hearing from you all in due course.

Michael Brennan
Webmaster of Carlow County IGP TM (Ireland Genealogical Project's) website and IRL-Carlow Mailing List..
Email: mjbrennan30@gmail.com

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