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Text Filename Photos                                                                                                 *=updated Date Contributor
annagh-new.htm Annagh Cemetery - New (partial) Sep 2015 Dave Hall
annagh-old.txt Annagh Cemetery - Old (partial) Mar 2016 Dave Hall
arvagh-coi.htm Arvagh (CoI) Graveyard Nov 2016 Dave Hall
ashfield.txt Ashfield Church Cemetery (CoI) (partial) May 2015 Robert Armstrong
st-felims.htmBallinagh, St. Felims (R.C.) GraveyardAug 2018Private Contributor
ballintemple.htm Ballintemple Graveyard (CoI) Mar 2018 Dave Hall
Ballyconnell, St. Brigids
Aug 2020*
Ballyconnell, Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.) Graveyard (replaced St. Brigids)
Mar 2020*
ballyconnell.htm Ballyconnell, Tomregan Parish Church (CoI) Feb 2020
Dave Hall & anonymous
kilnavart.htmBallyconnell, Kilnavart, St. Patrick's Church Graveyard Mar 2020*
David Hall & anonymous
--- Ballyhaise (CoI) Cemetery (HALL) Jul 2016 David Hall
ballyjamesduff-coi.htm Ballyjamesduff (CoI) Graveyard Nov 2017 David Hall
ballyjamesduff-old.htm Ballyjamesduff Old Graveyard (Lurgan) Jan 2018 David Hall
holy-trinity-presby.htm Ballyjamesduff, Holy Trinity Presbyterian Graveyard, Kildorough Feb 2018 David Hall
ballymachugh-coi.htmBallymachugh, St. Paul's (CoI)Apr 2018Dave Gakk
Bawnboy, St. Mogues (R.C.)
Feb 2019
belturbet.htm Belturbet (CoI) Cemetery Nov 2015 David Hall
thornhill.txt Blacklion, Thornhill Cemetery Nov 2014 Dave Hall
Carrickallen, St Patrick's Graveyard Nov 2020
Carmel O'Callaghan
st-barts.htm Carrickeeshil, St. Bartholomew's (CoI) Graveyard, Billis Parish Dec 2017 David Hall
Cootehill Graveyard
Apr 2011
David Hall
cootehill-presby.htm Cootehill Presbyterian Graveyard Jan 2018 David Hall
Corlough, St. Patrick's R.C. Church Graveyard
Nov 2020*
coronea-old.htm Coronea, Old Burial Ground, Arvagh Jan 2018 David Hall
croghan.txt Croghan Presbyterian Church Cemetery Jan 2015 David Hall
crosserlough.htm Crosserlough, St. Mary's Graveyard Part 1 Jul 2014 Breedeen Nulty
crosserlough2.htm Crosserlough, St. Mary's Graveyard Part 2 Aug 2014 Breedeen Nulty
crosserlough3.htm Crosserlough, St. Mary's Graveyard Part 3 Jan 2021*
Breedeen Nulty & anonymous
denn.htm Denn Cemetery Jul 2014 Breedeen Nulty
denn-coi.htm Denn Parish Church (CoI) Graveyard Jan 2018 Dave Hall
derrylane-coi.txt Derrylane (CoI) Graveyard Jan 2017 Dave Hall
derver.txt Derver Catholic Graveyard, Virginia, Parish of Lurgan Dec 2015* Anna Ryan & Fíona Duignan
dobally.txt Dowra, Old Dobally Graveyard Nov 2014 Dave Hall
drumalee.htm Drumalee, St Patrick's (R.C.) Graveyard Sep 2018*
Dave Hall & Valerie Ackroyd
Drumgoon Cemetery (partial)
Oct 2011
Maureen Morrow
bellasis-presb.htm Drumgora, Bellasis Presbyterian Dec 2017 David Hall
drumkeerin.htm Drumkeerin Presbyterian Church Graveyard Jan 2018 David Hall
Drumkilly, St. Joseph (R.C.) Church
Jan 2021
drumlane-rc.htm Drumlane Priory Aug 2017* David Hall & Valerie Ackroyd
drumlane-coi.htm Drumlane; St. Columbas (CoI) Sep 2018*
David Hall & Valerie Ackroyd
drumlumman.htmDrumlumman GraveyardApr 2018David Hall
drung.txt Drung Cemetery (CoI) (partial) Mar 2016 David Hall
drung-old.htm Drung Old Cemetery Nov 2017* David Hall
drung-rc.htm Drung (R.C.) Cemetery (partial) Nov 2017 David Hall
glangevlin.txt Glangevlin; St. Patricks (R.C.) Cemetery Oct 2015 David Hall
glasleck-presby.txt Glasleck Presbyterian Church Cemetery Feb 2014 Margaret Moore
--- Kidallon (CoI) Partial Oct 2015 David Hall
kildallon.txt Kildallon (R.C.) Cemetery Sep 2015 David Hall
kill-new.htm Kill New Graveyard (CoI) Oct 2017 David Hall
kill-old.htm Kill Old Graveyard Feb 2018 David Hall
killeshandra-old.htm Killeshandra Old Burial Ground Apr 2017 David Hall
killeshandra-coi.htm Killeshandra (CoI) Graveyard Dec 2017 David Hall
killeshandra-rc.txt Killeshandra, St. Brigids (R.C.) Nov 2016 David Hall
killinagh-old.txt Killinagh Old Graveyard (near Blacklion) Jan 2014 Carl Maguire
Killinkere, St. Mary's Graveyard, Clanaphilip
Feb 2020
Killinkere, St. Ultan's Cemetery
Feb 2020*
Patrice Houck Schadt & anonymous
kilmore.txt Kilmore, St. Fethlimidh's Aug 2015 David Hall
Kilnaleck, Kill Graveyard (partial)
Nov 2020
Steve Napolitano
ballynarry.htm Kilnaleck; St Mary's, Ballynarry Sep 2014* Judi W.
kingscourt.txt Kingscourt, Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery Jul 2008 Carol Granville
laragh-coi.htm Laragh (CoI) New Graveyard Nov 2017 Dave Hall
laragh-old.htm Laragh Old Cemetery Mar 2018 Dave Hall
Laragh, St. Brigid's (R.C.) Graveyard
Sep 2019
Colleen Sherriff
loughduff-rc.htmLoughduff (R.C.) CemeteryJun 2018Dave Hall
gowna-coi.txtLough Gowna (CoI) GraveyardNov 2016David Hall
gowna-rc.htmLough Gowna (R.C.) Cemetery (partial)*Apr 2017David Hall & Joan Betancourt
gowna.htmLough Gowna, Church of the Holy Family (R.C.) GraveyardMar 2017Joan Betancourt
Maghera Cemetery, Kells Road, Virginia Jul 2017* Anna Ryan & John Brennan
mullaghboy.htm Mullaghboy Cemetery (R.C.) Aug 2020*
Joan Betancourt & Anne Marie Cullen
mt-nugent-old.htmMount Nugent, Kilbride CemeteryApr 2018Dave Hall
mountnugent.htm Mount Nugent, St. Brides Church Graveyard (CoI) Dec 2017 Dave Hall
Mullahoran, Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.) Part 1
Jul 2019*
Paul Harten
Mullahoran, Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.) Part 2
Jul 2019
Paul Harten
potahee.htm Potahee, St. Michael's Graveyard (near Arvagh)
Jan 2021*
Joan Betancourt & anonymous
redhills.txtRedhills, Kiloughter (CoI) GraveyardMay 2018David Hall
redhills-rc.htmRedhills, St. Brigid's Church - Old Graveyard, Kiloughter Jun 2018David Hall
staghall.htm Staghall, Part 1, St. Mary's Graveyard May 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
staghall2.htm Staghall, Part 2, St. Mary's Graveyard May 2017 Valerie Ackroyd
swanlinbar.txt Swanlinbar, St. Augustine (CoI) Aug 2020*
Dave Hall
killaduff.htmSwanlinbar, Killaduff CemeteryAug 2020*
David Hall & anonymous
teampall-cheallaigh.txt Teampall Chellaigh Nov 2012 Anna Ryan
templeport.txt Templeport, St. Peters Dec 2014 David Hall
Virginia, Raffoney Cemetery
Jan 2020
virginia-coi.txt Virginia Church of Ireland Graveyard Oct 2016 Yvonne Russell
File Description Photo Date Contributor
Johnson, Annie Image 154K Nov 2008 Sarah Reveley
Carrigan, Patrick,Mary,Rose, Mary, Michael, James Image 267K Dec 2008 Pauline Leonard
Soden, Bartle & Ellen Image 249K Jun 2009 Lynn Reilly Marshall

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