Newspaper Clippings on Rev. George Crawford 

Contributed by Rachel Smith

Beloved Rector Rev. George Crawford

From Longford Journal 1839 Jan 05

"It having been ascertained that the Rev. George Crawford, Vicar General of the Diocese of Ardagh, had declined to accept the living of Templemichael, a general feeling of rejoicing was manifested in the vicinity of Newton-Forbes, by a display of bonfires and loud and continued cheering during the evening of Wednesday, the 2nd instant."



From Longford Journal 1846 October 03

"....melancholy duty of announcing demise of this truly worthy and benevolent clegyman, which took place at his house in Monkstown, near Kingstown [he was there in connection with duties as Vicar-General] Thursday eve. last. The sad event was brought on by an apoplexy....Rev. Dr. Crawford will live long in grateful recollections of the people of a large district of this county upon whom, in the course of a long and active life his favours and acts of kindness without number have been lavished.

The deceased was Vicar General of the Diocese of Ardagh, Rector of the Union of Clongish and Killoe (in which he labored indefatigably as Curate for 22 years) and also Vicar of Clonbroney."

Rev. George, b. 1776, was the son of Samuel Crawford of Newton-Forbes and Hessie Hagarty. His wife was Mary West, daughter of Francis West of Cloone. He received his BA from Trinity College in 1797, MA 1822, and LLB and LLD in 1828.

Besides his clerical duties Rev. George was a middleman for considerable property in the parish, and his conduct in this capacity was one reason he was a beloved figure.



SURNAMES: Crawford, Ganly

Source: Longford Journal 1846 November 21

COUNTY OF LONGFORD AUCTION Of House Furniture, Crop, Carriage and Harness, Wines, &c, &c.

The subscriber is favored with instructions from the Representatives of the late Rev. Dr.Crawford, Vicar-General of Ardagh, to Sell Unreservedly, at the Rectory, ST. ANNE'S, Beside Newton-Forbes, two miles from Longford. On MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30,1846. The Furniture of the House, Comprising:- Feather Beds, Bedding, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses and Hangings; Toilets and Toilet Tables; Biddets, Bason Stands, Night Commodes; Parlour and Drawing-room Carpets and rugs; Fenders and Fire-irons; Piano-Forte; Sideboard; Two Sets of Tables; Two Sofas and Lounger; Two Easy chairs; Gardevine; Tea Stores; Wine Cooper; Mahogany Chairs and hair; Wardrobes; Three Book Cases and Secretary Milner's Patent Branch Lamp; Window Hangings; Bookshelves; Plated Tea Urn; Weather Glass, and Other Valuable Ware; Cut Glass, China, and Delph; Culinary and Dairy requisites, &c, &c.

IN THE YARD AND HAGYARD, Carriage and Harness; Pheaton and Harness; Gig and Harness; Saddle and Bridle; Outside Car and Harness; Iron Ploughs and Harrows; Tumbrils and Harness; Rollers; Scuffles; Straw Cutter; Winnowing Machine; Four Dairy Cows; Four Kerry Cows; some Young Stock, and a few high-bred ewes; a pair of Carriage Horses; Family Horse; Farm Horses; some young Colts and Fillies by Young Napoleon; the produce of Seven Acres of Oats; about Forty Ton of prime Hay.

Also, Twenty-four dozen of Old Port and Sherry Wine, and some Fire Arms.

Terms, Cash or Approved Bills, and purchasers to pay 5 per cent. Auction Fees. JAMES GANLY, Auctioneer, Longford November 20, 1846




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