Year		Surname			Father		Mother

1831/2		Quinn, Peter		John		A. Friery
1823/6		Quinn, James		John		A. Fury
1836/8		Quinn, Bridget		John		A. Furry*
1836/8		Quinn, John		John		A. Furry*
1842/10		Quinn, Mary		John		C. Reynolds
1845/1		Quinn, Hugh		John		C. Reynolds
1848/2		Quinn, Rosan		John		C. Reynolds
1843/12		Quinn, Mich.		John		M. Sweeney
1834/9		Quinn, Mich.		L'rence		A. Coleman
1786/11		Quinn, Thos.		Michael		M. Corren
1837/8		Quinn, Ann		Michael		R. Tynan
1840/1		Quinn, John		Michael		E. Wallace
1788/11		Quinn, Cath.		Neil		J. Smyth
1790/3		Quinne,*Ann		Neil		J. Smyth
1791/6		Quinne,* Mary		Neil		J. Smyth
1792/12		Quin, Francis		Neil		J. Smyth
1796/2		Quin, Judith		Neil		J. Smyth
1798/6		Quin, n/given		Neil		J. Smyth
1804/12		Quin, n/given		Neil		J. Smyth
1806/9		Quin, n/given		Neil		J. Smyth
1825/10		Quinn, Marg.		Patrick		A. Friery
1847/2		Quinn, Thos		Patrick		M. Mulvey
1833/11		Quinn, Mary		Thomas		A. Frury
1863/4		Quinn, Pat.		Peter		M. Eons
1859/5		Quinn, Mich.		Peter		E. Reynolds
1866/9		Quinn, Peter		Peter		E. Reynolds
1869/1		Quinn, Joseph		Peter		E. Reynolds
1871/4		Quinn, James		Peter		E. Reynolds
1873/5		Quinn, AnneM		Peter		E. Reynolds
1875/8		Quinn, Denis		Peter		E. Reynolds
1878/7		Quinn, Eliz.		Peter		E. Reynolds
1881/6		Quin,* Eugene		Peter		E. Reynolds
1826/5		Quinn, Will.		William		H. Murry
1789/1		Quinn, T'rence		T'rence		C. Leddy
1791/1		Quinne, John		Michael		C. Leddy
1793/4		Quin,* Thos.		Michael		C. Leddy
1797/3		Quin,*Patrick		Michael		C. Leddy
1801/5		Quinn,*Mary		Michael		C. Leddy
1804/1		Quin,* Mich.		Michael		C. Leddy
1787/10		Quinne,*Evelyn		Patrick		M. Fitzgerald
1840/5		Quigly, John		Hugh		A. Maidy
1790/7		Quin, Bridget		Christy		A. Owens
1792/9		Quinn,* Jas		Christy		A. Owens
1795/1		Quin,* Mary		Christy		A. Owens
1796/12		Quin,* Jas		Christy		A. Owens
1801/6		Quin,* Judith		Christy		A. Owens
1804/11		Quin,* Eliz.		Christy		A. Owens
1801/11		Quin, Thos.		Dominic		M. Kiernan
1807/7		Quinn,* Ann		Dominic		M. Kiernan
1799/10		Quin,   Ann		John		A. Flood
1806/7		Quin, Cath.		John		A. Flood
1784/5		Quin, Edmond		John		C. Kinnedy*
1789/4		Quinne,*John		John		C. Kennedy*
1791/11		Quinne,*Mary		John		C. Kennedy*
1787/2		Quin, Peter		John		M. Kennedy
1792/7		Quin, Mary		Martin		A. Fraisier
1781/5		Quin, Peter		Martin		E. Fraisier
1783/5		Quin, James		Martin		E. Fraisier
1842/4		Quin, Mary		Michael		E. Mallen
1845/2		Quinn,* Marg		Michael		E. Mallen
1849/5		Quin,  Alice		Michael		M. n/g
1834/6		Quin, James		Patrick		B. Flaherty
1804/10		Quin, Michael		Patrick		M. Heany
1888/1		Quin, Patrick		Patrick		J. Kerrigan
1823/1		Quin, Marian		Patrick		J. Mathews
1825/8		Quinn,* Brid		Patrick		J. Mathews
1821/8		Quin, Martin		Patrick		M. Moore
1784/12		Quin, Bridget		T'rence		M. Grey
1816/10		Quinn, Ann		Bernard		E. Victory
1821/6		Quinn, Pat.		Edmund		E. Victory
1824/2		Quin,* Edw.		Edmund		E. Victory
1844/8		Quinn, Ann		Bernard		M. Brady
1827/2		Quinn, Pat		Edward*		and wife
1824/7		Quinn, Cath		Eugene		M. Toole
1831/1		Quinn, Henry		Eugene		M. Toole
1833/4		Quinn, Marg.		Eugene		M. Toole
1824/6		Quinn, John		Francis		C. Kiernan
1864/5		Quinn,  Pat		James		M. Gettings
1866/3		Quinn, Marg.		James		M. Gettings
1868/4		Quinn, Andrew		James		M. Gettings
1870/8		Quinn, Jane		James		M. Gettins*
1872/6		Quinn,  Eliz.		James		M. Gettins*
1874/5		Quinn, Cath		James		M. Gettings
1876/4		Quinn, RoseA		James		M. Gettins*
1878/8		Quinn, Cath		James		M. Gettings
1878/8		Quinn, James		James		M. Gettings
1882/8		Quinn, James		James		M. Gettings
1836/2		Quinn, Julian		James		J. Magrath
1810/3		Quinn,  Eliz.		James		M. Monachan
1817/11		Quinn, Bridget		James		M. Monaghan*
1827/3		Quinn, James		James		M. Monaghan*
1821/11		Quinn,  Eliz.		John		E. Fleming
1828/6		Quinn, Patrick		John		A. Friery

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