Parish of Killoe - Baptisms

Source FHC #1279270


1906/10		Early, Bridget		John			E. Kelly
1883/6		Early, Peter		John			R. McKeon
1839/3		Early, Thomas		Patrick			C. Hughes
1846/7		Early, Catherine	Patrick			C. Hughes
1841/1		Edgworth, Mary		none given		E. Reynolds
1891/8		Egan, James		Patrick			A. Kelly
1895/11		Egan, Thomas		Patrick			A. Kelly
1898/2		Egan, Patrick		Patrick			A. Kelly
1900/4		Egan, Mary		Patrick			A. Kelly
1829/5		Eivers, Patrick		Bernard			J. Quinn
1832/6		Eivers, Ann		Bernard			J. Quinn
1835/7		Eivers, Bernard		Bernard			J. Quinn
1915/7		Eivers, Mary Kate	Bernard			M. Skelly
1916/10		Eivers, Charles 	Francis Bernard		M. Skelly
1879/3		Evers, Francis 		Patrick	Charles		A. Quinn
1898/8		Evers, Mary		Charles			A. Quinn
1898/8		Evers, Bridget		Charles			A. Quinn
1830/1		Eivers, Richard		Denis			C. Eivers
1826/2		Eivers, Brigid		Denis			M. Quinn
1834/5		Eivers, Elenor		Denis			M. Quinn
1884/2		Eivers, Margaret Anne	Denis			S. Ross
1886/5		Eivers, Elizabeth	Denis			S. Ross
1888/6		Eivers, John Joe	Denis			S. Ross
1855/7		Eivers, Michael		Filix*			M. McCann
1869/4		Eivers, Sarah		Felix			M. McCann
1892/4		Eivers, Patrick		Felix			M. McVeigh
1855/2		Eivers, Caroline	Francis			B. McCann
1856/4		Eivers, Patrick		Francis			B. McCann
1841/7		Eivers, Patrick		James			M. Burke
1845/1		Eivers, Bernard		James			M. Burke
1830/11		Eivers, Margaret	James			A. Darcy
1832/10		Eivers, Mary		James			A. Darcy
1857/7		Eivers, Bernard		John			C. McGlin
1839/11		Eivers, Mary		Michael			C. Eivers
1841/8		Eivers, John		Michael			C. Eivers
1844/7		Eivers, Brigid		Michael			C. Eivers
1846/11		Eivers, Catherine	Michael			C. Eivers
1849/9		Eivers, Michael		Michael			C. Eivers
1852/3		Eivers, Charles		Michael			C. Eivers
1879/2		Eivers, Marian		Michael			B. Keogh
1880/6		Eivers, Bridget		Michael			B. Keogh
1882/2		Eivers, Patrick		Michael			B. Keogh
1890/10		Eivers, Michael		Michael			B. Keogh
1887/2		Eivers, Ellen		Michael			E. O'Brien
1854/2		Eivers, Felix		Michael			E. O'Brien
1840/6		Eivers, Patrick		Patrick			E. Kane
1846/9		Eivers, Richard		Patrick			J. McLoughlin
1876/11		Englesby, Marian	Thomas			M. Farrelly
1879/9		Englesby, Bridget	Thomas			M. Farrelly				
1881/5		Englesby, Francis	Thomas			M. Farrelly
1884/3		Englesby, Patrick Fran.	Thomas			M. Farrelly
1886/5		Englesby, ??	 	?			M. Farrelly
1888/7		Englesby, Ellen		Thomas			M. Farrelly
1891/5		Englesby, Thomas Edw.	Thomas			M. Farrelly

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