Parish of Killoe - Baptisms

Source FHC #1279270

1828/3	O'Brien, John		John		E. Fox
1832/9	O'Brien, Mary		John		E. Fox
1870/4	O'Brien, Eleanor	John		C. Maguire
1871/10	O'Brien, Mary Anne	John		C. Maguire
1874/7	O'Brien, Margaret	John		C. Maguire
1875/10	O'Brien, Catherine	John		C. Maguire
1877/4	O'Brien, James		John		C. Maguire
1879/6	O'Brien, Bridget	John		C. Maguire
1881/6	O'Brien, Elizabeth	John		C. Maguire
1883/7	O'Brien, Elizabeth	John		C. Maguire
1885/2	O'Brien, John		John		C. Maguire
1887/8	O'Brien, William	John		C. Maguire
1841/9	O'Brien, Catherine	Michael		M. Kelly
1844/6	O'Brien, Ann		Michael		M. Kelly
1846/8	O'Brien, John		Michael		M. Kelly

1841/10	O'Connell, Rose		Daniel		B. Campbell
1844/3	O'Connell, Bernard	Daniel		B. Campbell

1891/11	O'Donnell, Patrick	Thomas		B. Macken
1894/5	O'Donnell, Michael	Thomas		B. Macken
1897/6	O'Donnell, Mary Anne	Thomas		B. Macken
1899/7	O'Donnell, Bridget	Thomas		B. Macken
1902/5	O'Donnell, Ellen	Thomas		B. Macken
1905/5	O'Donnell, Cath'ne A.	Thomas		B. Macken

1899/11	O'Hara, Margaret	Bernard		C. Connolly
1902/11	O'Hara, Michael		Bernard		C. Connolly
1904/1	O'Hara, Mary Kate	Bernard		C. Connolly
1907/9	O'Hara, Bridget		Bernard		C. Connoly
1911/6	O'Hara, James		Bernard		C. Connolly
1914/8	O'Hara, Ellen		Bernard		C. Connolly

1827/9	O'Hara, Margaret	Bernard		M. Farrell
1832/9	O'Hara,	Bridget		Bernard		C. Kelly
1843/5	O'Hara,	Catherine	Bernard		A. Molloy
1845/11	O'Hara,	Elizabeth	Bernard		A. Molloy
1826/5	O'Hara,	Mary		Charles		M. Hynds
1831/4	O'Hara, Ann		Charles		M. Hynds
1842/7	O'Hara, Peter		Charles		M. Hynds

1826/8	O'Hara, Margaret	Francis		E. Corrigan
1827/10	O'Hara, Charles		Francis		E. Corrigan
1829/1	O'Hara, John		Francis		E. Corrigan?
1857/3	O'Hara, Francis		Francis		A. Devine
1841/5	O'Hara, Francis		Francis		M. Molloy
1871/2	O'Hara, Margaret Ann	Francis		E. n/g

1875/1	O'Hara, Francis		Francis		E. Reilly
1877/9	O'Hara, Patrick		Francis		E. Reilly
1880/7	O'Hara, Catherine	Francis		E. Reilly
1828/8	O'Hara, James		James		B. Cullen
1831/2	O'Hara, Elenor		James		E. O'Neil		
1917/1	O'Hara, Mathew		John		B. Kane
1892/11	O'Hara, Patrick		John		E. McManus
1833/5	O'Hara, Mary		John		C. O'Neil
1826/2	O'Hara, Mathew		Mathew		B. Clarke
1828/6	O'Hara, Bridget		Mathew		B. Clarke
1874/8	O'Hara, Francis		Mathew		M. Hoy
1874/8	O'Hara, Rosann		Mathew		M. Hoy

1885/10	O'Hara, Mary Ann	Mathew		C. McCanna
1887/7	O'Hara, Bridget		Mathew		C. McKenna*
1892/1	O'Hara, Teresa		Mathew		C. McCanna
1894/4	O'Hara,	Patrick Jos.	Mathew		C. McCanna
1896/6	O'Hara, Ellen Rose	Mathew		C. McCanna
1898/6	O'Hara, Bernard Frank	Mathew		C. McKenna*
1900/11	O'Hara, Mathew		Mathew		C. McKenna
1903/10	O'Hara, John		Mathew		C. McKenna
1906/12	O'Hara, Christina	Mathew		C. McKenna

1870/6	O'Hara, John		Mathew		M. Mimnagh
1872/9	O'Hara, Bernard		Michael		M/ Mimnagh
1855/6	O'Hara, John		Michael		?. Morgan
1833/5	O'Hara, John		Patrick		M. Cullen
1844/4	O'Hara, Margaret	Patrick		M. Donohoe
1840/8	O'Hara, Bridget		Patrick		E. Nealy
1842/7	O'Hara, Mathew		Patrick		E. Nealy
1916/6	O'Hara, Eliza Teresa	Patrick		K. Gormley  	
1826/4	O'Hara, Patrick		Patrick		M. Kelly
1837/9	O'Hara, Mary		Patrick		M. Kelly

1839/2	O'Hara, Patrick		Patrick		M. La?
1845/4	O'Hara, Elizabeth	Patrick		M. Lastly
1890/1	O'Hara, Thomas		Patrick		C. McManus
1891/2	O'Hara, John		Patrick		C. McManus
1894/12	O'Hara, Pat		Patrick		C. McManus
1897/5	O'Hara, Mary Kate	Patrick		C. McManus
1899/9	O'Hara, Rosanne		Patrick		C. McManus
1903/1	O'Hara, Elizabeth	Patrick		C. McManus
1905/3	O'Hara, Bridget		Patrick		C. McManus
1857/1	O'Hara, Pat		Thomas		M. Kilmurray
1871/8	O'Hara, Mary Anne	Thomas		R. Kilmurray
1841/2	O'Hara, Mary		William		B. Thompson

1880/8	O'Meode, Ambrose	John Flynn	R. McGee
1880/8	O'Meode, Augustine	John Flynn	R. McGee
1880/8	O'Meode, Catherine	John Flynn	R. McGee
1880/8	O'Meode, Hugh		John Flynn	R. McGee

1828/3	O'Neill, Bridget	Bernard		M. Cafry
1832/6	O'Neill, Bernard	Bernard		M. Cafry
1834/6	O'Neill, John		Bernard		M. Cafry
1887/3	O'Neill, Mary Jane	Bernard		T. Devany
1891/4	O'Neill, Patrick Jas.	Bernard		T. Devany

1832/1	O'Neil, John		Bernard		R. McDonnell
1836/7	O'Neil, Rose		Bernard		R. McDonnell
1839/2	O'Neil, Bernard		Bernard		R. McDonnell
1843/3	O'Neil, Bridget		Bernard		R. McDonnell

1832/6	O'Neil, Charles		John		B. Devin
1845/9	O'Neil, Margaret	John		B. Devin
1829/9	O'Neil, Francis		John		E. Fox
1834/3	O'Neil, James		John		A. O'Brien
1876/11	O'Neil, James		Michael		M. Armstrong

1826/1	O'Neil, John		Patrick		M. Fox
1830/6	O'Neil, Francis		Patrick		M. Moore
1832/3	O'Neil, Patrick		Patrick		M. Moore		
1833/12	O'Neil,	James		Patrick		M. Moore
1841/4	O'Neil, n/g		Patrick		M. Moore
1843/11	O'Neil, Charles		Patrick		M. Moore

1827/2	O'Neil, Thomas		Patrick		M. Murphy
1848/8	O'Neil, Thomas		Thomas		n/g
1851/3	O'Neil, Ann		Thomas		C. Byrne
1885/6	O'Roarke, Mary Ann	Daniel		C. Murphy
1887/10	O'Roarke, Joseph	John		M. Donnelly
1828/9	Oats, Elenor		Patrick		D. Win
1830/5	Owns, Peter		John		R. Mahon
1828/11 Owns, Elizabeth		Nicholas	A. Ryder

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