Parish of Killoe - Baptisms

Source FHC #1279270

Year	Surname			Father		Mother

1826/4	Savage,Elenor		George		B. McCormick	
1828/5	Savage, Mary		George		B. McCormick
1832/10	Savage,George		George		B. McCormick
1830/8	Savage, Alex.		Joseph		B. McCormick
1839/7	Savage,George		Patrick		B. Devany
1846/4	Savage, Thos.		Patrick		B. Devany
1843/11	Savage, Marg.		Patrick		B. Eivers
1915/3	Scanlon,Jas.P.		Charles		J. Tynan
1836/5	Scanlon,Mathew		Francis		n/g
1903/1	Scanlon,Cath.		Francis		A. Cain
1832/2	Scanlon,Pat.		Francis		E. Carrigy
1833/1	Scanlon,Bridg.		Francis		E. Carrigy
1845/9	Scanlon,Fran.		Francis		E. Carrigy
1895/8	Scanlon,Anne		Francis		A. Curran
1897/10	Scanlon,Fran.		Francis		A. Curran
1899/7	Scanlon,Brid.		Francis		A. Curran
1901/7	Scanlon,Mary		Francis		A. Curran
1844/4	Scanlon,Cath.		Francis		M. Farrell
1847/1	Scanlon,Mary		Francis		M. Farrell
1850/7	Scanlon,Anne		Francis		M. Farrell
1855/8	Scanlon,Franc.		Francis		M. Farrell
1826/12	Scanlon,Thos.		James		C. Donnelly
1828/12	Scanlon,Rose		James		C. Donnelly
1831/10	Scanlon,Cath		James		C. Donnelly
1840/2	Scanlon,Brid.		James		C. Donnelly
1845/5	Scanlon,Elenor		James		C. Donnelly
1870/9	Scalon,Cath.		James		A. Farrell
1871/12	Scanlon,Chas.		James		A. Farrell
1873/7	Scanlon,John		James		A. Farrell
1875/4	Scanlon,Marian		James		A. Farrell
1878/5	Scanlon,Anna		James		A. Farrell
1877/10	Scanlon,Eliz.		James		E. M?llet
1826/7	Scanlon,Dan.		John		C. Burns
1829/1	Scanlon,Brid.		John		C. Burns
1831/6	Scanlon,John		John		C. Burns
1837/3	Scanlon,Jas.		John		C. Burns
1840/4	Scanlon,??		John		C. Burns
1839/12	Scanlon, John		Luke		M. Healy
1839/2	Scanlon,Elenor		Mathew		M. Crane
1841/7	Scanlon,Peter		Mathew		M. Crane
1844/4	Scanlon,Rich.		Mathew		M. Crane
1846/11	Scanlon,Math.		Mathew		M. Crane
1834/12	Scanlon,Elenor		Mathew		M. Rorke
1827/9	Scanlon,Pat.		Patrick		M. Curran
1828/12	Scanlon,Cath.		Peter		M. Canavan
1836/2	Scanlon,Fran.		Thomas		M. Hughes
1837/7	Scanlon, Edw.		Thomas		M. Hughes
1839/9	Scanlon,Brid.		Thomas		M. Hughes
1842/6	Scanlon,Bern.		Thomas		M. Hughes
1844/7	Scanlon, Wm		Thomas		M. Hughes
1846/3	Scanlon,Mary		Thomas		M. Hughes
1835/7	Scot,Margaret		Thomas		M. McGrath
1836/6	Scot,Margaret		Thomas		M. McGrath
1837/12	Scot,Catherine		Thomas		M. McGrath
1840/3	Scot,Catherine		Thomas		M. McGrath
1906/7	Sexton,Fran.		John		E. Gelna
1833/1	Shanly,Pat.		Bernard		B. McGlin
1855/3	Shanly,Pat.		Bernard		B. McGlin
1855/3	Shanly,Pat.		James		n/g
1843/3	Shanly,Brid.		John		R. Reilly
1829/1	Shanly,Mary		Patrick		M. Farrell
1831/4	Shanly, Pat.		Patrick		M. Farrell
1834/2	Shanly,Elenor		Patrick		M. Farrell
1836/4	Shanly,Elenor		Patrick		M. Farrell
1840/7	Shanly,Cath.		Patrick		M. Shanly
1841/6	Shaughnessy,M		David		B. Wade
1843/11	Shaughnessy,B		David		B. Wade
1848/3	Shaughnessy,D.		David		B. Wade
1876/5	Shaughnessy,J		James		B. Gormly*
1878/11	Shaughnessy,A		James		B. Gorman
1880/7	Shaughnessy,B		James		B. Gorman
1882/5	Shaughnessy,M		James		B. Gorman
1884/5	Shaughnessy,J		James		B. Gormly*
1888/5	Shaughnessy,C.		James		B. Gorman
1874/5	Shaughnessy,P		John		R. Corrigan
1876/1	Shaughnessy,J		John		R. Corrigan
1877/12	Shaughnessy,T		JOhn		R. Corrigan
1879/9	Shaughnessy,J		John		R. Corrigan
1881/11	Shaughnessy,M		John		R. Corrigan
1883/8	Shaughnessy,W		John		R. Corrigan
1891/11	Shaughnessy,J		John		R. Corrigan
1894/2	Shaughnessy,R		John		R. Corrigan
1882/5	Shaughnessy,M		John		C. Ginty
1829/1	Shaughnessy,T		John		C. McAvea
1830/9	Shaughnessy,M		John		C. McAvea
1835/5	Shaughnessy,P		John		C. McAvea
1838/5	Shaughnessy,J		John		C. McAvea
1887/1	Shaughnessy,M		John		R. Morgan
1829/2	Shaughnessy,G		Joseph		?. Quin
1877/3	Shaughnessy,M		Michael		G. Ginty
1878/6	Sahughnessy,M		Michael		G. Ginty
1880/4	Shaughnessy,E		Michael		G. Ginty
1869/11	Shaughnessy,?		Michael		C. Heslin
1850/11	Shaughnessy,J		Michael		M. McGuire
1910/1	Shaughnessy,E		Patrick		K. Dowd
1911/7	Shaughnessy,C		Patrick		K. Dowd
1915/4	Shaughnessy,A		Patrick		K. Dowd
1899/3	Shaughnessy,J		Patrick		M. McGlin
1900/5	Shaughnessy,J		Patrick		M. McGlin
1903/8	Shaughnessy,J		Patrick		M. McGlin
1882/10	Shaughnessy,P		Patrick		M. Mimnagh
1827/5	Shaughnessy,T		Patrick		E. Quin
1913/6	Shaughnessy,M		Patrick		K. Shaughnessy
1827/10	Shaughnessy,B		Peter		M. Courtny
1836//7	Sahughnessy,P		Peter		M. Courtny
1840/7	Shaughnessy,E		Peter		M. Courtny
1884/9	Shaughnessy,B		Thomas		M. Mimnagh
1847/3	Shaughnessy,M		William		n/g
1881/3	Shaughnessy,A		William		M. Mimnagh
1886/7	Shaughnessy,T		William		M. Mimnagh
1889/3	Shaughnessy,R		Willliam	M. Mimnagh
1891/5	Shaughnessy,W		William		M. Mimnagh
1832/12	Shaughnessy,E		William		C. Shaughnesy
1880/1	Sheeran,Wm.		Daniel		M. Maguire
1881/9	Sheeran,Mary		Daniel		M. Maguire
1885/9	Sheeran,Martha		Daniel		M. McGuire*
1887/12	Sheeran,John		Daniel		M. Maguire
1890/4	Sheeran,David		Daniel		M. McGuire*
1892/5	Sheeran,Jas.		Daniel		M. Maguire
1894/5	Sheeran,Mich		Daniel		M. Maguire
1898/1	Sheeran,Jos.		Daniel		M. McGuire*
1897/12	Sheeran,Thos		Daniel		M. Maguire
1900.2	Sheeran,Cath.		Daniel		M. McGuire*
1869/7	Sheeran,Jas.		Patrick		A. Lynch
1873/7	Sheeran,Marion		Patrick		A. Lynch
1875/8	Sheeran, Pat.		Patrick		A. Lynch
1844/3	Shehran,Wm.		David		B. Higgins
1836/10	Shehran,n/g		David		M. Higgins
1857/9	Sheran,Bridget		Mathew		B. Quin
1857/9	Sheran, Cath.		Mathew		B. Quin
1839/11	Sherhan, Wm.		Daniel?		B. McQuade
1831/7	Short, Patrick		Andrew		M. Keenan
1845/11	Short, John		Andrew		M. Keenan
1835/3	Short, James		Andrew		M. Kiernan
1839/6	Short, Mary		Andrew		M. Kiernan
1834/9	Short, Mary		Andrew		E. Kenny
1836/8	Short,Andrew		Andrew		E. Kenny
1837/1	Short, Marg.		Andrew		M. Short
1826/1	Short, Bridget		Bernard		B. Carrigy
1830/11	Short, Mary		Bernard		B. Carrigy
1835/5	Short, Edward		Edward		B. Carrigy
1842/12	Short, Edward		Edward		A. Farrell
1839/1	Short, John		Edward		M. Thompson
1840/8	Short,Patrick		Edward		M. Thompson
1843/6	Short, Cath.		Edward		M. Thompson
1858/1	Short,Ann		Thady		M. Heany
1826/9	Short, Peter		Thady		C. Morgan
1826/3	Sheridan,Mary		John		E. McGeoy*
1830/7	Sheridan,Thos.		John		E. McGary*
1828/5	Sheridan,Brid.		John		E. McGivney
1906/2	Sheridan,Mary		Patrick		M. Healy
1841/6	Sinnot,James		Eugene		M. C?hail?
1832/8	Sinnot,Pat.		Eugene		M. Charters
1841/8	Sinnot, James		?		A. Corrigan
1844/1	Sinnot,Cath.		James		A. Corrigan
1846/6	Sinnot, John		James		A. Corrigan
1828/12	Sinnot, Ann		Thomas		E. Farrell
1839/7	Sinnot, A?		Thomas		E. Farrell
1844/7	Sinnot, Elenor		Thomas		E. Farrell
1831/4	Sinnot, Eugene		Thomas		E. Farrell
1834/7	Skelly, Cath.		Francis		M. Traynor
1840/5	Skelly, James		James		M. Mulervy
1835/6	Skelly, Bridget		John		S. Hughes
1837/6	Skelly,Patrick		John		B. Mullen
1836/3	Skelly, Cath.		Michael		E. Bogan
1833/12	Skelly, Bernard		Nicholas	E. Bogan
1833/4	Skelly, Mary		William		C. Harris
1842/12	Smyth, Mary		Adrew		M. Mahon
1941/9	Smyth, John		Adrew		W. Smyth
1873/11	Smyth, James		Finnian		E. Smyth
1876/5	Smyth, Anna		Francis		E. Smyth
1878/10	Smyth, John		Francis		E. Smyth
1880/5	Smyth, Francis		Francis		E. Smyth
1896/1	Smyth, Pat.		James		E. Rogers
1897/12	Smyth, Mary		James		E. Rogers
1827/1	Smyth, Ann		John		A. Brady
1829/5	Smyth,Francis		John		A. Brady
1834/2	Smyth,Elenor		John		A. Kelly
1832/4	Smyth,Elenor		John		A. Smyth
1836/9	Smyth, James		Philip		n/g
1831/9	Smyth,Philip		Philip		A. Muldoon
1854/2	Smyth,Philip		Philip		B. Quinn
1834/4	Smyth, Mary		Philip		M. Smyth
1878/2	Smyth, Thomas		Thomas		J. Armstrong
1826/5	Smyth, Brid.		Thomas		N. Doherty
1830/5	Sorly, Mary		Hugh		C. Lynch
1834/8	Sorly, Ann		Hugh		C. Lynch
1832/5	Soroghan, Peter		Bernard		M. Morrow
1826/1	Soroghan,Bernard	Bernard		B. Sheehan
1871/9	Sorohan,Charles		James		C. Kenny
1874/8	Sorahan, James		James		C. Kenny*
1876/10	Sorahan, Mich.		James		C. Kenny
1879/7	Sorahan,Terence		James		C. Kenny
1827/4	Soraghan,Cath.		Patrick		M. Fehely
1830/10	Soroghan, Chas.		Patrick		M. Fehely
1835/1	Soroghan, Mary		Patrick		M. Fehely
1839/7	Soroghan,John		Patrick		M. Fehely
1833/1	Soroghan,Brid.		Patrick		M. Fehely
1826/4	Soroghan,Brid.		Patrick		A. Hughes
1841/7	Soroghan, Mary		Thomas		B. Reynolds
1845/10	Soroghan, Thos.		Thomas		B. Reynolds
1832/5	Stanton, Mary		James		E. Reade
1834/8	Stanton, Brid.		James		E. Reade
1841/1	Stanton, Ann		James		E. Reade
1833/2	Stevenson,Thos		Thomas		C. Jordan
1855/3	Stokes, Mary		Patrick		C. Burke
1839/11	Sulivan*,Pat.		James		R. Short
1893/5	Sweeney,Mary		Francis		A. Kane
1895/8	Sweeney, Thos		Francis		A. Kane
1885/1	Sweeney, Marg		James		M. Healy
1877/11	Sweeney, John		James		M. Healy
1890/11	Sweeney, Anne		James		M. Healy
1837/7	Sweeney,Elenor		Peter		M. Dowd

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