Parish of Killoe - Baptisms

Source FHC #1279270

Year	Surname			Father		Mother

1835/3	Tanay, Pat.		Michael		E.McLoughlin
1894/3	Taylor,John		Thompson?	J. Doherty
1854/4	Thigh, Bridget		John		M. Mahon
1829/5	Thompson,Elenor		Edward		C. Hanly
1911/3	Thompson,Ellen		Francis		M. Doherty
1854/2	Thompson,Mary		Francis		A. Lyons
1870/7	Thompson,Cath.		Francis		A. Lyons
1845/6	Thompson,Mary		Hugh		B. Carrigy
1852/4	Thompson,Ann		Hugh		B. Carrigy
1884/3	Thompson,Brid.		James		M. A. Igo
1885/7	Thompson,John		James		M. A. Igo
1887/4	Thompson,Mary		James		M. A. Igo
1889/2	Thompson,Pat.		James		M. A. Igo
1891/2	Thompson,Hugh		James		M. A. Igo
1893/2	Thompson,Mich.		James		M. A. Igo
1895/5	Thompson,Elisa		James		M. A. Igo
1898/8	Thompson,Jas.		James		M. A. Igo
1902/7	Thompson,Thos.		James		M. A. Igo
1870/3	Thompson, Edw.		James		M. Mahon
1832/12	Thompson,Brid.		James		M. Moran
1840/12	Thompson,Eliz.		James		M. Moran
1845/3	Thompson,Rose		James		M. Moran
1846/3	Thompson,Anne		James		M. Moran
1838/11	Thompson,Hugh		John		A. Brady
1888/6	Thompson,JohnJ		John		M. A. Cashin
1891/1	Thompson,Ellen		John		M. A. Cashin
1895/8	Thompson,Jas.		John		M. A. Cashin
1903/4	Thompson,Chas.		John		M. A. Cashin
1893/5	Thompson,Wm.		John		M. A. Cassiln*
1847/11	Thompson, John		John		C. Hughes
1848/11	Thompson,John		John		C. Hughes
1853/9	Thompson,Ann		John		C. Hughes
1829/1	Thompson,Eliz.		John		?. McGuire
1839/6	Thompson,Marg.		John		?. McGuire
1870/7	Thompson,Cath		John		B. Quinn
1872/6	Thompson,Pat.		John		B. Quinn
1897/8	Thompson,Pat.		Mathew		M. Cashen
1914/7	Thompson,Eliza		Patrick		K. Gormley
1915/9	Thompson, Hugh		Patrick		K. Gormley
1917/5	Thompson,Mary		Patrick		K. Gormley
1894/4	Thompson,Marg.		Patrick		M. Tynan
1895/8	Thompson,Fran.		Patrick		M. Tynan
1897/4	Thompson,Pat.		Patrick		M. Tynan
1899/6	Thompson,John		Patrick		M. Tynan
1857/2	Thompson,Marg.		Thomas		A. Crawford
1829/5	Thompson,Andr.		Thomas		M. Mologhan
1885/1	Thompson,Anna		William		M. Kenny
1887/4	Thompson,Mary		William		M. Kenny
1888/10	Thompson,John		William		M. Kenny
1832/10	Thompson,Wm.		Wiliam		A. Morgan
1834/1	Thompson,Thos.		William		A. Thompson
1907/9	Thracy,Chas.		Connor		M. Cahill
1913/2	Tiernan,Rose.		James		B. Heslin
1839/2	Toner,Bridget		Thomas		R. Kane
1841/4	Toner, Cath.		Thomas		R. Kane
1855/9	Trap William		Richard		A. Hughes
1858/3	Trapp, Will.		James		A. H?
1869/10	Trapp, Anne		William		C. Cosgrove
1871/7	Trapp, Maria		William		C. Cosgrove
1874/8	Trapp, James		William		C. Cosgrove
1877/1	Trapp, Cath.		William		C. Cosgrove
1909/11	Trapp, Cath.		William		B. Mimnagh
1910/12	Trapp, Wm. 		William		B. Mimnagh
1914/2	Trapp, Mary J.		William		B. Mimnagh
1915/8	Trapp,Bridget		William		B. Mimnagh
1917/1	Trapp, Patrick		William		B. Mimnagh
1902/10	Trappe,Cath.		James		M. Lee
1904/5	Trappe, James		James		M. Lee
1911/4	Trappe, Mary		James		M. Lee
1905/2	Trappe, Wm. 		Joseph		A. Smyth
1907/3	Trappe, Cath.		Joseph		A. Smyth
1908/2	Trappe, Jos.		Joseph		A. Smyth
1909/9	Trappe, Edw.		Joseph		A. Smyth
1911/4	Trappe, John		Joseph		A. Smyth
1837/11	Traynor,John		James		B. Egan
1839/9	Traynor,Pat.		James		B. Egan
1842/8	Traynor,Brid.		James		B. Egan
1845/4	Traynor, Cath.		James		B. Egan
1844/10	Traynor,Mary		Patrick		A. Gregg
1826/3	Traynor, Ann		Patrick		B. Lynch
1899/5	Tully, Mary		Joseph		A. McNaboe
1897/2	Tully,Patrick		Patrick		M.A. Whitney
1899/1	Tally*,Willam		Patrick		M. A. Whitney
1900/6	Tally* John		Patrick		M. A. Whitney
1908/4	Tully, Mary A.		Patrick		M. A. Whitney
1910/10	Tully, Peter		Patrick		M. A. Whitney
1839/3	Tynan, Elenor		Edward		M. Brady
1831/4	Tynan, Mary		James		E. McGinnis
1831/4	Tynan,Michael		James		E. McGinnis
1910/6	Tynan, John		James		M. McKenna
1912/4	Tynan, Mary		James		M. McKenna
1915/2	Tynan, Edward		James		M. McKenna
1916/10	Tynan, James		James		M. McKenna
1902/12	Tynan,Rosanne		James		R. McVitty
1877/2	Tynan, Edward		John		C. Doherty
1870/7	Tynan, James		John		C. Hughes
1850/3	Tynan, Edward		John		E. McCann
1876/3	Tynan,MarianJos		Michael		C. Doherty
1878/3	Tynan, Marion		Michael		C. Doherty
1880/7	Tynan, John		Michael		C. Doherty
1883/2	Tynan, n/g		Michael		C. Doherty
1885/10	Tynan,Mary Ter.		Michael		C. Doherty
1887/10	Tynan,Rosanne		Michael		C. Doherty
1831/6	Tynan, Hanna		Michael		M. McDonald
1832/11	Tynan,James		Michael		M. McDonald
1835/5	Tynan, John		Michael		M. McDonald
1827/4	Tynan, Edward		Michael		M. Plunket
1828/11	Tynan, Ann		Michael		M. Plunket
1834/8	Tynan,Thomas		Michael		M. Plunket
1836/10	Tynan,Cath.		Michael		M. Plunket
1840/1	Tynan, Eliz.		Michael		M. Plunket
1842/2	Tynan, James		Michael		M. Plunket
1845/2	Tynan, Marg.		Michael		M. Plunket
1831/3	Tynan, James		Michael		C. Plunket
1876/1	Tynan, James		Patrick		E. Calaghan
1877/9	Tynan, Pat.		Patrick		E. Calaghan
1880/2	Tynan, Mary		Patrick		E. Calaghan
1884/4	Tynan, Honor		Patrick		E. Calaghan
1886/5	Tynan, John		Patrick		E. Calaghan
1898/10	Tynan, Elisa		Patrick		E. Calaghan
1827/10	Tynan, Cath.		Patrick		A.Doherty
1834/5	Tynan, Hugh		Patrick		n/g
1871/12	Tynan,Maria		Peter		A. McManus
1874/5	Tynan, Anne		Peter		A. McManus
1876/2	Tynan, Mich.		Peter		A. McManus
1877/6	Tynan, Peter		Peter		A. McManus
1879/5	Tynan, Cath. 		Peter		A. McManus
1881/2	Tynan, Janet		Peter		A. McManus
1883/2	Tynan,Patrick		Peter		A. McManus
1885/10	Tynan, Ann		Peter		A. McManus
1887/7	Tynan,Nicholas		Peter		A. McManus
1889/6	Tynan, James		Peter		A. McManus

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