County Longford Landowners 1870's
Contributed by Jean Rice

Esther Jackson, address Edgeworthstown, owned 111 acres.
John H. Jessop, address 31, Mount-st., Dublin, owned 1,544 acres.
Thomas Jordan, address Ardoghill, Ballymahon, owned 44 acres.
William Jordan, address Ardoghill, Ballymahon, owned 44 acres.
John Keegan, address Kildordan, Moyvore, owned 2 acres.
Patrick Keegan, address Longford, owned 48 acres.
Hugh Kelly, address Forgney, Moyvore, owned 6 acres.
Samuel Kennedy, address Springfield, Ballyjamesduff, owned 362 acres.
Thomas Kiernan, address Farra, Longford, owned 16 acres.
Luke White King, address Ennis, Co. Clare, owned 385 acres.
Hon. L. H. King-Harman, Reps. of, address Rockingham, Boyle, owned 28,779 acres.
Alex C. Kingstone, address Mosstown, Kenagh, owned 183 acres.
Arthur J. Kingstone, address Mosstown, Kenagh, Longford, owned 431 acres.
Richard Langan, address Bellewstown, Louth, owned 118 acres.
John Leavy, Reps. of, address Ballinalee, owned 8 acres.
Capt. Jas. S. Ledwith, address Isle of Man, owned 1,984 acres.
Anthony Lefroy, address Carriglass, Longford, owned 4,229 acres.
Thomas Lefroy, address Dublin, owned 56 acres.
Edward Lennon, address Currykreaghan, Kenagh, owned 8 acres.
James Lennon, same address, owned 23 acres.
John Lennon, same address, owned 18 acres.
Margaret Lennon, same address, owned 8 acres.
Patrick Lennon, same address, owned 49 acres.
Thomas Lennon, same address, owned 1 acre.
William Lennon, same address, owned 21 acres.
Richard C. Levinge, address Levington Park, Mullingar, owned 305 acres.
Edward Lewis, address Violetstown, Mullingar, owned 351 acres.
Henry Owen Lewis, address 19, Seymour-st., W., London, owned 522 acres.
Rev. Samuel Lewis, address Carrick-on-Shannon, owned 15 acres.
George Little, address Ardnacassa, Longford, owned 153 acres.
Hannah Little, Reps. of, address Galway, owned 29 acres.
John Little, address Wexford, owned 35 acres.
William Little, address Crieve, Longford, owned 92 acres.
William Little, address Drumnacross, Edgeworthstown, owned 100 acres.
"Local Government Board," address Custom House, Dublin, owned 39 acres.
Right Hon., The Earl of Longford, address Pakenham Hall, Castlepollard, owned 4,555 acres.
Robt. Lynch, Reps. of, address Enniskillen, owned 153 acres.
Edward M'Cabe, address Aghamore, Granard, 40 acres in Co. Longford.
Albert M'Cann, address 2nd Dragoon Guards, Hyde Park, London, 458 acres.
John M'Cann and Co., address Tennalick, Colehill, owned 301 acres.
Peter M'Carthy, address Farra, Longford, owned 21 acres.
George Machonchy, address Cadwell, Torquay, England, owned 10,319 acres.
John S. Maconchy, address Bryanstown House, Maytooth, owned 747 acres.
John and Chas. M'Cord, address Trillickatemple, Moydow, owned 24 acres.
Owen M'Cormick, address Killasonna, Granard, owned 432 acres.
Patt M'Cormick, address Rabbit Park, Ardagh, owned 31 acres.
Peter M'Cormick, address Rabbit Park, Ardagh, owned 30 acres.
Richard M'Cormick, address Loughil, Aden, Ballinalee, owned 25 acres.
Charles M'Cutchan, address Milltown, Co. Dublin, owned 1 acre.
Philip M'Cutchan, address Torboy, Kenagh, owned 19 acres.
Robert M'Cutchan, Reps. of, address Street, Rathowen, owned 653 acres.
John M'Dermott, address Lisduff, Edgewardstown, owned 136 acres.
Eliza M'Donnell, address 22, Brennan's-terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow, owned 1 acre.
Thomas M'Donnell, address Granard, owned 124 acres.
George M'Dowell, address Drumnacross, Edgesworthstown, owned 18 acres.
Thomas J. M'Evilly, address Lismoy, Newtownforbes, owned 104 acres.
Edward M'Evoy, address Tobertinan, Trim, Co. Meath, owned 2,508 acres.
Very Rev. Edward M'Gaver, address Granard, owned 1 acre.
Joseph M'Gaver, address Cloonsillan, Killashee, owned 243 acres.
Nicholas M'Gaver, address Cloontha, Killashee, owned 566 acres.
Christopher M'Goey, address Grillagh, Ardagh, owned 36 acres.
Patrick M'Guinness, address Coolagherty, Edgewardstown, owned 31 acres.
Thomas Maguire, address Grillagh, Ardagh, owned 7 acres.
Mrs. Jane M'Loughry, address Rouskey, owned 41 acres.
Edward M'Manus, address Kilshrewley, Ballinalee, owned 165 acres.
John M'Manus, address Gurteen, Ballinalee, owned 318 acres.
Gerald Masterson, address Roos, Edgewardstown, owned 9 acres.
Capt. Francis Maude, address Onslow-square, London, owned 1,235 acres.
Thomas Maxwell, address Ballymahon, owned 566 acres.
Pelham J. Mayne, address George's-street, Dublin, owned 335 acres.
Robert Miller, address Abbeyshrule, Colehill, owned 69 acres.
James Mills, address Clooneen, Moyvore, owned 99 acres.
Rev. Robt. J. Moffatt, address Golden Ball, Dublin, owned 424 acres.
Archibald Montfort, no address given, owned 33 acres.
Rev. Thomas Moore, address Cootehill, owned 66 acres.
Sandford Moore, address Northampton Barracks, England, owned 395 acres.
William Moxham, address Ratharney, Colehill, owned 15 acres.
George James Murphy, address The Grange, Trim, Co. Meath, owned 1,102 acres in Co. Longford.
O'Connell L. Murphy, address Laracor, Trim, Co. Meath, owned 214 acres.
Patrick W. Murphy, address 23, Sussex-square, Hyde Park, London, owned 736 acres.
Murta, Brothers, and Co., address Longford, owned 58 acres.
James Murtagh, address Cumgareen, Arvagh, owned 27 acres.
John Murtagh, address Cumgareen, Arvagh, owned 30 acres.
Michael Murtagh, address Moigh, Killashee, owned 60 acres.
Patt (Frank) Murtagh, address Cuingareen, Arvagh, owned 34 acres.
Patt Murtagh, jun., address Cuingareen, Arvagh, owned 17 acres.
Henry Musters, address Bryanstown, Longford, owned 1,827 acres.
Rev. George Nash, no address given, owned 440 acres.
Eliza Needham, address Longford, owned 1 acre.
John Newman (a minor), address Nappagh, Moydow, owned 133 acres.
Rev. William Noble, address Tashinney, owned 46 acres.
Thomas Charles Nolan, address Mountjoy-st., Dublin, owned 743 acres.
William Thos. Norris, address Lurgan, Co. Armagh, owned 488 acres.
Christopher Nugent, address Belvidere-place, Dublin, owned 520 acres.
Sir Walter Nugent, bart., address Donore, Multyfarnham, owned 737 acres.
James O'Beirne, address Coreally, Street, Co. Westmeath, owned 64 acres.
John O'Beirne, address Croshea, Edgeworthstown, owned 188 acres.
Edwin O'Brien, address Darrogue, Ballymahon, owned 13 acres.
Ellen O'Brien, address Bengal-ter., Glasnevin, owned 31 acres.
Miss Emily O'Brien, address Darrogue, Ballymahon, owned 13 acres.
Mrs. Fanny O'Brien, address Dublin, owned 13 acres.
Mr. Percy O'Brien, address America, owned 13 acres.
O'Brien, Robt., Margt. and H. Dundas, address Lismoy, T.N. forbes, owned 1,014 acres. (prob. Newtownforbes).
R. P. O'Brien, Reps. of., no address given, owned 1 acre.
Edward O'Connor, address Currycreagh, Keenagh, owned 75 acres.
M. Weld O'Connor, address Viewmount, Longford, owned 222 acres.
Sir George O'Donnell, address Newport House, Newport, Co. Mayo, owned 421 acres.
C.F.J.F. O'Ferrall, address Augher, Tyrone, owned 432 acres.
John L. O'Ferrall, address Granite Hall, Kingstown, and Lissard, Edgeworthstown, owned 1,689 acres.
Mark O'Ferrall, address Camlesk More, Edgewardstown, owned 79 acres.
Right Hon. Richard M. O'Ferrall, address Ballina, Kildare, owned 449 acres.
R. J. O'Flaherty, no address given, owned 177 acres.
William O'Flanagan, address Granard, owned 68 acres.
Mrs. O'Halliday, address America, owned 13 acres.
Maria O'Reordan, address 7, Uppercross-rd., Kingsland-park, Dublin, owned 179 acres.
Dominick O'Reilly, no address given, owned 11 acres.
James O'Reilly, address East India, owned 93 acres.
Joseph Richd. O'Reilly, address Booterstown, owned 2,464 acres.
Julia, Ann O'Reilly and Julia Gerety, address Dublin, owned 513 acres.
Phillip O'Reilly, address Coolamber, Rathowen, owned 146 acres.
Richard O'Reilly, address Coolamber, Rathowen, owned 273 acres.
Thomas O'Reilly, Reps. of, address Scrabby, Co. Cavan, owned 149 acres.


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