The Genealogy of




Lanesborough 1780 
Contributed by Christopher Begg
Source: Map at a C of I Church in Lanesborough


SW Side of the Street Tenants in Being

1. Poorhouse Plot
2. Mr. John Farrell
3. Peter Luese
4. The Rev. William Cup
5. The Ratican and Hand
6. William Timbs
7. Peter Luese House and Garden
8. Thomas Mulvihill
9. Mathew Mulvihill
10. Dollys Plot
11. Beards Plot
12. Conell Farrell's Plot
13. Arthur Luese
14. Mr John Farrell 2 Plots
15. Thomas Mulvihill
16. Conell Farrell's No 2 in back street
17. Lankashere
18. Matthew Mulvihill In the commons


Peter Timbs
Mr. John Farrell
Mrs. Luese
Mr. Cup
Hand and Ratican
William Timbs
Mrs Luese
Thomas Mulvihill
Mathew Mulvihill
John Luese
John Moony
Christopher Moony & Ratican
Arthur Luese
Mr John Farrell
James Begg & Peter Minlaghe
Moony and Ratican
Mr. John Farrell
Matthew Mulvihill
NE Side of Street

1. Chapmans
2. Begg's Park and Chapmans House
3. Edgerston Plot
4. Globe Kearson & Blackhorse Plot
5. William Normand
6. Laughlin Roarke or Lilly's
7. Rues Plot
8. Matthew Connor
9. Mr. John Farrell
10. Mr. John Farrell
11. Thomas Mulvihill
12. Mathew Mulvihill


Tenants In Being

James Begg
Mr. Tady Connor
Mr. John Farrell
James Begg & Patr. Fox
Michl Mulvihill
Laughlin Roarke
Mr. Tady Connor
Matthew Connor
Mr. Farrell
Mr. Farrell
Patt Murtaugh & Matw Connor
Matthew Mulvihill