The Genealogy of



Contributed by John Tobin

August 10th, 1872

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My Dear cousin Ann,

I rite you an answer to your letter of the 23rd of July which gives us great pleasure to hear of you being in good health as this leaves us in good health at present thanks be to God. Cousin Ann excuse me for not riting before this you must not think it was neglect of mine but it was the want of time. So I hope it will excuse me for so doing. Cousin Ann I received your letter and the bill and I done as you desired me to do. I gave one to Michael and the other to Mary and they are very well pleased with you for your friendship to them both.

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Cousin Ann your father wanted the old man to go to Laughill as he considered it would answer both as Mary would be inclined to go and he would not consent to that and Mary is in a loosing manner on that account so the would be satisfied if he would do so as for Michael he won't be inclined to go only for the expectation of franks farm and if he went it would be a great pleasure to the Murry family to see him gone so he will remain a little longer when you rite again we will be able to give you more account

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and your father is well pleased ____ and we are very happy to hear of your Aunt and Uncle Dan being in good health. Also, and I hope you will be advised by your Aunt Margret as you know she was the most friendly to you do nothing without her consent and you will be all right cousin Ann all you enquiring friends are all well and doing well your grandfather is going an will his health is pretty good he is able to walk about yet Cousin Ann I have nothing particular to mention to you at this time we Owen Brady got married to Aunt Reilly at in the parish of Street at Shrove Thursday last.

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Cousin Ann our crops of potatoes is very bad this season we had not so bad since the first faliour Cousin Ann Bridget Sister son John coner that lives at Fall River sent a letter home to Thomas and sent him four pounds in it and the letter says that Thos and marry and son will come home to them very soon and the are at a loss to know your Aunts address or yours no more at present but we remain yours truly till death B. Dolan your father and brother and sister join in sending their love to you also Bridget Thos