The Genealogy of



Contributed by John Tobin


February 27, 1873

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My Dear Aunt,

I rite a few lines to you letting you know that I am in good health at present thanks be
to God Dear Aunt I wish to let you know the way I am in since I went to my father I am in
a poor way lisning to Bidy every day in the week coursing and swearing that she is _____
by me and mick and I would rather be dead than be lisning to her Dear Aunt if you be
so kind as to pay my passage and bring me form her as soon as I be able to pay you I
will do so and I will be for ever in duty bound to pray for you.

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Dear Aunt Ann Burk is talking of going to America this Spring and I would like to be
with her Aunt the old house James Brady let it fall down there is none of it up but the
room and he never will let anyone into it Aunt I could not say any thing in your letter
because it was Thomas wrote it My father is not against me going on account of the way
Bridget is going on he thinks she would get quieter if I was gone away from her Aunt all
the furniture that was in the house went to Laughill.

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Dear Aunt I hope my sister Ann will assist you in doing something for me as she nows
how Bridget gets on I thought that she would do something for me before this Aunt some
time in August last Ann sent two pounds home and Mick got one and I got the other.
That all she sent Aunt with reguard to me going to school if I went one day I will never
come back she would burn the house over my fathers head Aunt with reguard to the
attendance of my grandfather death we done everything that was required for him the lord
have mercy on his soal.

page 4

No more at present but I remain your affectionate niece till death Mary Brady. I hope
you will write some and bring me to yourself. Direct your letter in care of Bernard
Dolan Aunt my father is in the knowledge of me writing this letter the reason of
direction of the letter to B. Dolan is not to let Bridget now anything about it.

Dear Ann i have a bad cold and i want you to come and see me.