The Genealogy of



Contributed by John Tobin

February 1st 1879


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Dear aunt Margret and Sister Mary I Take my pen in hand to write yous thes few lines hoping the will reach yous in good health as this leaves us all in at present thanks be to god for his kind mercy to us all Dear aunt Margret and sister mary we would have wrote to you before this onely we expected a letter from yous before this Dear aunt Margret and sister mary we want to let yous know we have

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That we have got the prefer of 6 six acres of land from Mr Thompson of Clonpin That is what Richard MdCr--ie had next us and he has Dispossed him out of at the January Cessions and he sent for my father and told him that he would give it to him of he wuld be able to advance him some money again the first of march the Componcation is 30 pounds and if it went up to sale it would not be got

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at 100 one hundred pounds so Dear aunt margret we have to send to yous send us the lone of 30 pounds at this time and we pledge our selves to yous as shure as I wite this letter this letter that we will send it back to yous in a short time the times has tuned out so in this Country as that there is no such thing as getting money att all from any friend if yous send it to us we will send it ti yous in 3 three Cheques _ that is 10 at each time

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Dear aunt margret my fathers whole depending dependance is in you my father would say something to his brother (unreadable line) is not able to afford it Dear aunt margret and sister mary the Rev father Cooney was home last sumer and spent a Deal of money for Charity and he has lodged a great Deal of money in the bank for his two sisters and Brother he went back to america in harvest and he Died in a few days after landing beyond Dear sister mary if Frank Died we think the old woman would Come to live with brother michael