St Maurice Family Records

Contributed by Rachel Smith

Abstract of Auchmuty to St. Maurice deed

Book 134 Page 333 No. 91200 24th Jul 1746

A deed of lease bearing date 24th Jul 1746

1st Part: Richard Auchmuty of Newtown in the county of Longford,

2nd Part: John St. Maurice, of Longford, Merchant

Said Richard Auchmuty doth [lease] unto the said John St. Maurice
the town,
farm and lands at Agnamoddy and Ballincurry situate in Parish of
now in possession of said John St. M. together with all
appurtenances thereto
to have and to hold unto said J St.M. commencing 1st day of May
1747 for
the natural lives of the three several and sons hereafter
named Mary St. Maurice, eldest daughter to John St. M. aged about
15 years,
Magdalene St. Maurice, second eldest daughter aged about 9 years,
and Jance
(Janie?) St. Maurice, youngest daughter to said John, aged about
5, and
the survivor of them with renewals forever
upon the death of any life being 2 shillings and 6 pence yielding
and paying
thereof yearly and every year the rent of 3 pounds sterling to be
half yearly every first day of November and 1st day of May clear
rent over
and above all taxes, county charges etc.

Witnesses: Thomas Hanly and Ambrose Boyle


Abstract of Lease Deed, Lord Longford to Lowther & St. Maurice

Surname: Louther, StMaurice, McVitty, Shannon, Barber, Hanly,

Book 227 Page 422 No.148092 19th Sept 1763

1st Part: Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Baron of Longford and Lady
2nd Part: Jeremiah Louther of Longfd, in co. Longfd

Lord and Lady Longford for themselves, heirs and assigns demise
to Jeremiah
Louther, his heirs assigns and execs. all Mary Louther's plot now
in sd
Jeremiah's possession, lying and being on the east side of Street
of Longfd,
lying in Town of Longford to hold same under Jeremiah Longford
during the
natural lives of the sd

Jeremiah Louther
Jane St. Maurice (sister of Jeremiah)
Euphemia Louther (wife of Jeremiah)For the natural life of the
longest liver of them yearly rent of 2 pounds
plus 12 pence for each pound receivers' fees; and after the death
of Jeremiah
L. and Jane St. Maurice the yearly rent of 4 Pounds sterling plus
12 pence
per pound receivers'fees. Covenant provides renewal right within
six months
of fall of any of the lives forever on payment of a half year's

Deed witnessed by John McVitty of Cartrons in Co. of Longfd,
Gent. and
by Edward Shannon of Longfd, co of Longfd, Gent.
Memorial is witnessed by said Edward Shannon and Samuel Barber of
the Town
and Conty of Longford, Gent.

Sworn before me at Longfd in Co. of Lngfd 4th day of Oct 1763 by
of Commission for taking affadavits in the County, Thomas Hanly.
Sworn before us, his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the
County, Robert
Hetherton, Bryanton Fox.


Abstract of Deed of Agreement between Heirs, St. Maurice and

Book 227 Page 424 No 148093 19th Sept 1763

1st Part: Jane St. Maurice, widow and relict of John St. Maurice,
of Longford, deceased

2nd Part: Jeremiah Louther of Longford, Merchant

Whereas Jane and Jeremiah are possessed of two certain houses,
plots and
tenements with their back sides, outhouses, offices and
appurtenances now
in their occupation situate on the south side of the street of
Longfd Town,
to make partition between them they have come to the following

Said Jane St. Maurice shall peacably and quietly have, enjoy ,
occupy and
possess her dwellinghouse being part of the same premises
containing a
street parlour and shop, street under a cellar and kitchen
backwards, a
room over the kitchen and therein behind the same, the upper part
to be the property of sd Jeremiah Louther.

Said Jane to have a stable and cowhouse with 18 feet in front to
be half
the breadth of said Jeremiah's stable reserving a passage of 3
feet to
the rear of sd Jeremiah's stable, a turf yard, a plot from the
end of sd
turf yd to the cabin adjoining Jeremiah's malt house reserving a
to sd malthouse.
Secondly it is agreed that sd Jeremiah shall peaceably possess
and enjoy
all the residue of sd plot, houses, tenements, premises with the
sole property of sd jeremiah, his executors, assigns as he now
and enjoys the same.

Thirdly it is agreed that they shall use their best endeavor to
separate leases of premises from the Rt. Hon Lord Longford, their

Lastly sd Jeremiah doth covenant for himself and his heirs, etc.
and promise
to sd Jane, her heirs, executors etc. that sd Jeremiah will not
in any
way disturb or molest sd Jane St. Maurice in the peaceful
enjoyment fo premises hereby allotted and apportioned unto her.
For performance
whereof sd Jeremiah doth bind himself, his heirs etc unto sd
Jane, her
heirs etc. in the penal sum of 50 pounds sterling, and sd Jane
for herself,
heirs etc. doth covenant to sd Jeremiah that she will not in any
sort disturb
or molest sd Jeremiah, his heirs etc. in peaceful possessionof of
and premises hereby allotted to him, for performance whereof sd
Jane doth
bind herself, heirs, execs etc firmly in the penal sum of 50
pounds sterling.


Magdilane St. Maurice of county of Longford, a single woman or
Samuel Jenkins, of Cloonanny
Robert Jenkins of Trillick, both in Co. of Longfd, Gent.

Memorial witnesses by sd Robert Jenkins and by Ambrose Boyle, of
LngfdCo. of Lngfd, Gent

Sworn before me Thomas Hanly, by virtue of Comm for taking
affadavits etc
Sworn before us two of his Majesty's Justices of the peace,
Thomas Jessop
and Edward Gardiner

Abstract of Lease Deed, Lowther[Louther] to Campbell
Book 581 Page 400 Deed No. 393479 1st Nov 1803

1st Part: St. Maurice Lowther [Name was spelled Louther by his
father Jeremiah]
2nd Part: Arthur Campbell, Longford Town, Apothecary

Front House in Longford Town on the East Side of Main Street
together with
a Malt House and all other built houses, Back Yard and Garden,
belonging, formerly held by the late Jeremiah Lowther, deceased
and now
in the possession of said Arthur Campbell in the Parish of
Ardagh Barony, Co. Longford

For 71 years at the yearly rent of 40 pounds sterling.

Myles Donnelly, Longford Town, Shopkeeper
George Marks, Longfd Town, Apothecary
George Marten (Martin)
James Gunning, Dublin, Attorney

Registered at Longfd Town, co. Lngfd 26th April 1806 by James


Abstract, Indented Deed of Assignment
Book 622 Page 585 No. 430963 Dated 17th April 1810

1st Part: Magdaline St. Maurice
2nd Part: Maria Crawford, wife of Rev. George of Cottage
[Monylagen Cottage], Co. Longford

Magdaline St. Maurice is possessed of one undivided moiety in
lands of
Aghnamadoo and Ballincurry in sd County [lease from Auchmuty
from her parents]did settle the same on Maria Crawford, her heirs
and assigns
for ever in consideration of the love and affection sd Magdaline
hath for
sd Maria Crawford and [token five shillings paid]. Subject
to payment of 40 yearly rent of sd lands during Magdaline's
natural life.

Deed Witnesses:
William West, Dublin City, Gent {Maria's brother]
John Holmes, Newtonforbes, Co. LOngford, ClerkMemorial Witnesses:
William Keough
William West, Dublin City
Maria Crawford

Dated 16th October 1810. John Griffin, Deputy Registrar

[Maria and probably William were children of Francis West of
Cloone, Leitrim
by his first wife Catherine (surname unknown). Maria Crawford
named two
of her daughters for Magdaline and Maria St. Maurice. Magdaline
at age
73 has transferred her rights, renewable for ever, to Maria as to
an heir.
The 40 rent is more than the obligation to landlord Auchmuty
and appears to be an arrangement planned for maintenance of an
person. It doesn't prove, but suggests that Maria's mother
Catherine was a St. Maurice. ]

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