County Waterford Surname Registry

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ACTESON 1820-1850 Lady Lane, Waterford Susan Patterson 
AHEARN Ardmore Eileen Myers
ARDAGH All AREAS Peter Langley
AYLWARD     Marlene Victor
BALDWIN Townland of Lyre, Parish of Kilrossanty - 1840's-1890's Tony Riordan
BRACKETT Ballyduff 1864 - 1918 Keven Brackett
BULLOCK Cappoquin Merriam White
BURKE   Cappoquin/Glenribbeen Joanne Gonsalves
BURLAND 1800's Bill Burland
CAHILL Woodstown Area Tim Morrissey
Cain Waterford Co. Betsy Olsen
CALLINAN 1830s Susan Courtney
CANAVAN early 1800s, possibly Cappoquin Dan Keefe
CAREY/CAREW Mweelnahorna, Ring Mary O'Connor
CARR 1700's, of Stonehouse Marion McDonald
CHAMBERS Ardmore - 1800-1846 Mary Ellen Chambers
CHRISTOPHER Ardmore/Ring area Sharon Evans
CHRISTOPHER Ballynaharda, Old Parish, Ardmore Mary O'Connor
CLARE   Marion
COCHRAN bef. 1805 Howard Cochran
COLEMAN Woodstown Area Tim Morrissey
COLLINS 1850's Phil Collins
CONNORS Dungarvan 1856 M.A. Merola
(O)CONNELL Knockanore 1820-1850 Sherry Jimenez
COONEY Port Law Juli Goldstein
CORMACK Knockanore 1820-1850 Sherry Jimenez
COTTER Waterford 1860's Bob Cotter
COUGHLAN ca. 1855 Margaret Carroll
COURTNEY 1834/36-1863 Susan Courtney
CROKE Waterford/early 1900's Margaret Chard
CROLLY Dungarvan, ca mid 1800's Ivan Lennon
CROTTY Tramore 1800-1880 Ellen
CROWLY Lismore 1850-1890 Cheryl Dynan
CUMMINS 1826 to 1849 >Cardiff Wales David Skinner
CUNNINGHAM Portlaw Jsousa
CURRAN Cappoquin/Glenribbeen Joanne Gonsalves
CURREEN Ardmore 1800's John Geary
DALY  Ballybricken, Waterford City-1800's Marsha Meere Stringer 
DALTON Parish of Kilrossanty Hilary
DEE Parish of Kilrossanty Hilary
DENNEHY Tallow Patrick Dennehy
DIGGINS Woodstown Area Tim Morrissey
DONOVAN Clashmore Parish Sharon Evans
DOODY late 1700's-1864 Howard Bellamy
DORAN Waterford City 1800s David Doran
DOWER 1800's Pam Walton
DOYLE Port Law and Ballduff Juli Goldstein
DRISCOLL Kilmathomas - 1897 Sue Allford
DROHAN County Waterford David Arbogast
DUCKETT Tramore -1600's-1800's Loretta Myrter
DUGGAN Cappoquin/Glenribbeen Joanne Gonsalves
DUNFORD Dungarven - abt 1825 Catherine DeBona
DUNNE Rhincrew and Tinnabinna Eileen Myers
ENGLISH Lismore Merriam White
ENGLISH Stradbally - 1800's Cheryl
ENGLISH Clonea, Kilminnion,Abbeyside 1850-1939 Wendy Packham
FEENEY Waterford. 1880-1900's Terry Baldwin
FITZGERALD Kilmacomma, St Mary Parish Jesse Jones
FITZGERALD Ring/Helvick area Mary O'Connor
FITZGERALD Ardo and Ardmore, Ballinamona Eileen Myers
Fleming Waterford Co. Betsy Olsen
FLYNN Clonkerdin outside Dungarvan Kathleen Holmes
FOGARTY 17+0's - 1840+ Kathleen Fogarty-Douglas
FRAHER   Eileen Fraher Sullivan
GADSDEN Bridge Street Waterford - 1800s Rosemary Dixon-Smith
GALLAGHER Parish of Kilronan,Barony of Glenahiry, Townland-Drumgorey Stephen Gallagher
GAMBLE Kilmeaden (Cullinagh, Coolagadden, Amberhill) - 1695- present Bruce Gamble
GAMBLE Cullinagh House, Kilmeaden, Amberhill - 1695-1800's David Gamble
GAMBON 1845 Barbara Fuller
GEARY Ardmore 1800s John Geary
GILL St. Olave's - 1800's Bill Burland
GREENE pre 1880's Maureen
GRIFFIN 1830 Mary Ann
GUIRY Ardmore 1800's John Geary
GUNN 1800-1870 Ellie
HALLEY Dungarven & Abbeyside, 1800's Cynthia Venditte
HAMILTON St. Patrick's Parish 1821-1909 Janet Williams
HANNAN Strancally Castle -1750-1800 Cheryl Richman
HARTLEY abt. 1845 Joanne Pritchard
HEAFY Queenstown - early 1900's Bheafy
HEALY Rhincrew and Tinnabinna Eileen Myers
HEAPHY / HEAFEY  1863+ Gloria Addis
HEAPHY   Betsy Olsen
HEELAN Ballenamelia or Bewly Dan Mullane
HIGGINS Lismore Louise
HORE   Marion
HUNT Kilrossanty and Stradbally parishes Peter Langley
JOHNSON/JOHNSTON mid 1800's-late1800's Marion
JONES Ballindud - 1900's Eileen Jones
KANNELLY/KENNEALLY 1830 Kathleen Baker
KEEFE Dungarvan, Wtfd.City 1880 Dan Keefe
KEILEY/KELLY Lismore 1850 Cheryl Dynan
KIELY Strancally Castle -1750-1800 Cheryl Richman
KIELY Cappoquin - 1812+ Rose Mary Victor
KENNEALLY Bunmahon -1850-1900 Claire W. Bogaard
KENNEDY Dungarven - pre 1840 Beverly
KIELY Carrick-on-Suir - late 1700's-1830 Howard Bellamy
KIELY Ballymacart, Old Parish Mary O'Connor
KIELY/KILEY Lismore 1880 Dan Keefe
LANGLEY All Areas Peter Langley
LEAHY Ardo in Ardmore Eileen Myers
LEAHY Port Law and Glenanore Juli Goldstein
LENEHAN 1800's Stradbally Jan Petty
LENNON Dungarven, ca. mid 1800's Ivan Lennon
LYMBERY Kill St. Nicholas & Waterford city - 1750-1850 Vince Alexander
LYNCH Ardmore & Stradbally -1800's  Cheryl
LYNCH Lismore - 1795-1880 Mary Ellen Chambers
LYNCH-COUGHLAN Lismore Jean Birmingham
LYONS 1860's-1890's Sherry Nelson
McCARTHY Waterford - 1880 Joanne
McGRATH Ardmore Grange Parish 1837-1901 Pat Carolin
McKEEVER Ardmore 1800's John Geary
McNAMARA Dungarvan -1857 Joan MacIntyre
MAGRATH 1800-1880, Clonanav, Tooralla, Curraheenahover, Ballymakee Vincent Le Plastrier
MAHONEY Ballindud - 1900'S Eileen Jones
MALONEY Ballybricken - late 1700's-1820 Howard Bellamy
McGRATH 1773 Waterford  ca.1809 L. Roy
MERRIGAN/MERIGAN (One Name Study) Michael Merrigan
MORRISSEY Cappoquin - 1840-1870 Melissa Harrison
MORRISSEY Killmacomma, St. Mary Parish
Jesse Jones
MORRISSEY Woodstown area Tim Morrissey
MORRISSEY 1826 to 1849 >Cardiff Wales David Skinner
MULCAHY Dungarvan abt 1780-1840 Kathleen Rusinak
MURPHY Dungarvan - 1800-1913 Kathleen Holmes
MUSGRAVE Cappoquin- 1797 Merriam White
O'BRIEN Newtown, Drumcannon Parish - 1901-20 Gerald Duffy
O'DONNELL Cappoquin -1855-1880 Nancy M. Atkinson
O'DONNELL Ardmore - 1880-1900's Joanne
O'GORMAN Lismore - 1880 Joanne
O'GRADY County Waterford Ed O'Grady
O'HEARN Carrick-on-Suir - late 1700's-1830 Howard Bellamy
O'ROURKE 1800-1870 - Cappoquin Graeme Dobson
PHELAN Tramore - pre 1850 Howard Bellamy
PHELAN 1800's Dianne Fraser
PHELAN before 1830 Roger Miller
PHELEN/WHELEN  Ballybricken, Waterford City/1800's Marsha Meere Stringer 
POPE SION HILL HOUSE and ROCKSHIRE HOUSE, Ferrybank, Waterford Kathleen Perdue
POWER Old Parish, Ardmore area Mary O'Connor
POWER Newtown, Drumcannon Parish - 1901-20 Gerald Duffy
POWER Tramore - 1850's+ Jan McGill
POWER Tramore- late 1700's-1850 Howard Bellamy
POWER Cappaquin, Lismore 1790 Rose Mary Victor
POWER Tramore 1800-1880 Ellen
PRENDERGAST Lyre, Lismore- late 1800's Betty Prendergast
PRENDERGAST 1860-1960 - Cappoquin, Carrignagower Joanne
QUILTY 1800-1818 Anne Maye
QUINN Lismore Louise
ROURKE 1800-1870 - Cappoquin Graeme Dobson
SAVAGE Dungarvin - 1833+ Noel Pujol
SCANLON Lismore Dan Mullane
SHANAHAN Dungarvan, ca. mid 1800's Ivan Lennon        
SHEARMAN 1823-1897 Marion McDonald
SILVER Knockacoola Townland near Ballymacarbry - bef. 1864 Joe Searl
SMITHERS 1800's Marion McDonald
SMYTH pre1900 Waterford John P. Smyth
STINSON late 1700'S-1850 - Clogheen Michael Kelly
STOCK late 1700's-1850 - Clogheen Michael Kelly
SWEENEY Crow Hill, Cappoquin - late 1800's Betty Prendergast
THOMPSON Portlaw - 1800-1854 Pam Thompson
TORPEY 1919-1940 near Aglish John Torpey
TRACEY Dungarven & Abbeyside, 1800's Cynthia Venditte
VEALE Ballymacart - Old Parish
Mary O'Connor
WALSH Fourmilewater & Clonanav - 1829 Vincent Le Plastrier
WALSH Rhincrew and Tinnabinna Eileen Myers
WATSON 1859 Peter Watson
WHALEN Bunmahon -1850-1900 Claire W. Bogaard
WHITE   Russell Lentz
WILEY Waterford Co. Betsy Olsen


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