Armagh Cemetery Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Clare Presbyerian Cemetery (partial extraction) 2K Mar 2007 Julie Hite
Newtownhamilton; St. Michael's RC Cemetery
Sep 2011
Kieran McConville
Charlemont Parish, Leggarhill Memorials 4K Apr 2007 C. Hunt & J. Lawson
Killevy Churchyard Memorials 13K Apr 2013*
C. Hunt & J. Liddiard
Loughgall Parish Memorials 4K Jun 2007 J. Liddiard
Preban Cemetery - WILSON3KNov 2015Ida Somers
Sir Thomas MOLYNEUX - Armagh Cathedral 3K Feb 2007 C. Hunt
Shankill (or Belfast Parish) Old Grave-yard Memorials 4K Apr 2007 C. Hunt
Tandragee Church - Parish of Ballymore (list of rectors) 4KNov 2016C. Hunt

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