Land: CLARE, To Be Sold - From the Dublin Evening Post June 18, 1801
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

From the Dublin Evening Post, June 18, 1801.

To be SOLD, the Fee and Inheritance of the following lands, the Estate of
WM. THOMAS LOCKE, Esq. in the Parish of Kilseyley, Barony of Tulla, County
of Clare.


PAT. GRIFFIN, 1,2,3,4,11, Woodfield, 41 years, with lessee's concurrent life
from La?y-day 1790. 139 acres 3 roods 28 perches at an annual rent of £138.

Ditto (PAT GRIFFIN), no.5 Aghaclare, 31 years, from the 1st May 1792. 33
acres, 1 perch, 28 roods, at an annual rent of £40.

H. BROUGHTON, No 8 Killerderry, 31 years with concurrent life of lessee's
son, aged 35 years, from the 1st  May 1788.  47acres, 3 roods 26 perches.
Annual rent £40.14.6.

H. BROUGHTON. Part Allapadeen, 22 years with same life from 10th May 1797.
25 acres 1 roods 2 perches, at an Annual rent of £24.

Messrs TRACY. Part Allapadeen, 41 years with lessee's concurrent lives, both
aged upwards of 40 years, from the 1st May 1800.  72 acres 1 rood 4 perches,
at an annual rent of £70.

C. McNAMARA, Lower Killerderry, 41 years with concurrent life of lessee's
son, aged 36 from the 1st May, 1800. 64 acres 3 roods 20 perches. Annual
rent £100.

Also contains a good Mansion House, in complete repair, with 7 acres of
turbary, not included in the survey, a lake which bounds the lands, affords
convenient water carriage for turf and lime, the land produces very good
corn, and is very well circumstanced as to a market, being 8 miles from
Limerick and 6 miles from Ennis. There are 655 oak trees of various sizes
scattered in different parts of this land.

Proposals will be received by WM. THOMAS LOCKE, Esq. Newcastle, Limerick,
and WM. FURLONG, Esq. Aungier Street, Dublin, who will satisfy such as may
be inclined to puchase, as to the title.