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List of persons belonging to the county of Clare who were converts from Popery
to the Protestant religion, from the commencement of the reign of Queen Anne,
in 1702, to the year 1789. Abstracted from the Convert Rolls in the Public Record
Office, Dublin. Index:Vols 1 and 2


NAME                                                               DATE OF

HICKEY, John of Sixmilebridge, gent.                               1715
HOGAN, William of Rineroe                                          1710
HOLLAND, Ellen, wife of Geo. Holland of Erribul, gent              1730
HART, Eliz., wife of Rich. Hart of Lisofin                         1728
HENCHY, Peter of Feenagh, gent.                                    1735
HICKEY, Catherine of Maghera                                       1746
HICKEY, John of Sixmilebridge, gent.                               1748
HOGAN, Edmond of Cregmoher, gent.                                  1752
HARE, Patrick of Ennis.                                            1756
HEHIR, Joseph of Knocknamuckey, gent.                              1757
HOGAN, James, M.D.                                                 1758
HOGAN, Bridget of Ennis, widow.                                    1763
HEHIR, Timothy of Ballycasheen                                     1766
HORE, Thomas of Ennis, gent.                                       1767
HOGAN, Edmond of Cross, gent.                                      1774
HARROLD, John of Cragbrien                                         1772
HICKEY, Charles of Drim.                                           1773
HOGAN, Thomas of Killaloe                                          1776
HARROLD, John of Streamville                                       1777
HURLEY, James of Sixmilebridge, yeoman.                            1781
HANLON, John of Doonass                                            1782
HEHIR, Thomas                                                      1759
HOGAN, Hugh, Esquire                                               1760
HAWE, John of Kilkishen                                            1789
HALLORAN, Catherine                                                1771
IVERS, Mary of Drimellane                                          1748
IVERS, Charles of Moyne, gent.                                     1749
IRWIN, Thomas of Dromacarrin                                       1789
JORDAN, Thomas of Liscannor                                        1782
KERIN, Terence of Ennis, gent.                                     1751
KELLY, James of Cragaknockane, gent.                               1765
KERIN, Patrick of Corofin, gent.                                   1768
KELLY, Pierce of Garlickhill, gent                                 1769
KENNY, Rev. James of Ennis, B.A.                                   1773
KEARNEY, John of Kilkishen                                         1789
KENNEDY, Patrick of Ennis                                          1790
KEAN, James of Kilrush parish, Esquire                             1789
LYSAGHT, George of Woodmount                                       1779
LYSAGHT, Charles of Kilfenora                                      1737
LYNCH, James of Moyfrala, gent.                                    1756
LYSAGHT, Nicholas of Ennis, gent.                                  1759
LYSAGHT, Andrew of Ballymacravan                                   1763
LYNCHY, James of Moy, farmer                                       1767
LARDNER, Michael of Cooraclare, gent.                              1768
LYSAGHT, James of Ballykeale, gent                                 1768
LARDNER, Michael of Ennis                                          1789
LYNCH, John of Doonbeg                                             1789
M'NAMARA, Francis of Creevagh, Esquire                             1709
MAGRATH, Edmond, gent.                                             1709
MACDONNELL, Elizabeth (ne'e O'Brien of Ennistymon),
WIFE OF Chas. M'Donnell, Esq., of Kilkee                           1718
M'NAMARA, John, junr.                                              1734
M'NAMARA, John, gent.                                              1745
M'NAMARA, Thady of Rannagh, gent.                                  1748
M'NAMARA, William                                                  1751
M'ADAM, Philip, gent.                                              1753
MOLONY, Patrick of Tulla, farmer                                   1760
M'MAHON, Timothy                                                   1761
M'NAMARA, Daniel of Tulla, gent.                                   1762
M'NAMARA, Michael                                                  1763
M'MAHON, Patrick                                                   1763
M'MAHON, Thady, gent.                                              1763
M'MAHON, Terence of Ballymorta                                     1721
MOLONEY, Cornelius of Rosslara, gent.                              1743
M'MAHON, Charles of Leadmore, gent.                                1745
M'MAHON, Charles of Drumcliff, gent.                               1745
MORONEY, Edmond of Kilmacduane, gent.                              1747
MORONEY, Elizabeth of Castletown                                   1749
MAHON, James of Ennis, merchant                                    1750
MARTIN, Dominick of Ennis, merchant                                1752
MOLONEY, Daniel of Doonass                                         1757
MOLONEY, Patrick of Ardbooley, farmer                              1758
M'CARTHY, Darby of Caheraniska                                     1757
M'NAMARA, Timothy of Formoyle, gent                                1763
M'MAHON, Terence of Ballykincurra                                  1764
MOLONY, Daniel & Mary his wife of Glandree                         1764
MARTIN, Mary of Ennis, spinster                                    1765
MARTYN, alias M'Namara, Mary of Gragans                            1766
MOLONY, James                                                      1766
M'NAMARA, Timothy                                                  1767
MOLONEY, Richard                                                   1767
M'NAMARA, John of Caherinagh, gent.                                1768
M'NAMARA, Florence of Rathmount, gent                              1768
MOLONY, Jas. Of Derrymore, farmer                                  1768
MINITER, Patrick of same                                           1768
MURPHY, Cornls. Of same                                            1768
M'NAMARA, Anne of Doolin, spinster                                 1768
M'NAMARA, James of Sixmilebridge, gent.                            1769
MAHON, Michael of Doon                                             1772
M'NAMARA, Francis                                                  1775
M'NAMARA, Francis of Moyriesk, Esq.                                1776
M'NAMARA, Thomas late of Fenloe, Esq.                              1778
M'INERNEY, Thomas of Dromoland, yeoman.                            1781
M'GRATH, Owen of Ennis, gent.                                      1781
MOLONY, Patrick of Scariff                                         1783
MAGRATH, Honora of Tulla                                           1784
MORONEY, Honora of the parish of Tulla                             1784
M'MAHON,Thomas of Cahermackerrilla, Esq.                           1786
MOLONEY, Timothy                                                   1788
M'NAMARA, John of Boultiadine                                      1788
MACKIE, John of Doolin                                             1789
M'NAMARA, Robert of Drimnacarrin                                   1789
M'NAMARA, Jas. Of Ayle                                             1775
M'MAHON, Francis of Ballymurta                                     1789
MAGUIRE, Owen of Cahercalla                                        1789
M'NAMARA, Anthony of Kilkishen                                     1789
MORONEY, Margaret                                                  1790


Source: The History and Topography of the County of Clare
from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the 18th Century
by James Frost, M.R.I.A. Dublin:
Printed for the author by Sealy, Bryers & Walker, Middle Abbey Street
[Repository: Fordham University Library]