Land: CORK, In the Matter of the Estate of John BOWEN, Esq. OWNER & Petitioner
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Contributed by C.Hunt & M. Taylor

CITY OF CORK:  To be sold by Auction: by Mr. Roger Bernard Evans Sale Rooms
at 54 South Mall, Cork on Monday the June, 1855 at the hour of one o'clock.
Pursuant to the absolute Orders for Sale, dated 21st June 1853 and 21st April 1854

For Particulars Contact: The Office of the Commissioners, Dublin: to Abraham Thomas CHATTERTON.
Solicitor-8 Inn's Quay, Dublin and  24 South Mall, Cork; to BEAMISH & ARMSTRONG, Solicitors,
8 Inn's Quay, Dublin; to Edward SULLIVAN, Esq. the Receiver, Rathleigh. Macroom.

Biddings will be taken by the Auctioneer at his place of sale and then submitted to the Chief
Commissioner at his chambers, Thursday 7th June 1855 at Eleven o'Clock when, if approved, the
Purchaser will be declared.

				Rental and Descriptive particulars of
			       The House and Demesne Land of Roundhill
				in the barony of Kinalmeaky, County Cork

		Gale days 25th March and 29th September each year unless otherwise noted

	DENOMINATIONS  		TENANTS NAMES			LAND		RENT AT TIME OF SALE	     	   		                                   		

  	Roundhill House		The Right Hounourable		28a 0r 0p
    	and Demesne		Earl of Bandon
AND										£132 6s 0d
	Same			Same				 3a 2r 12p

PARTICULARS OF TENANCY: Lease granted by John Bowen to the Right Honourable Francis, Earl of
Bandon. dated 31st August 1821 for the term of 132 years from 25th March then last. Rent
£143 6s 6d late currency.

OBSERVATIONS: The house and demesne of Roundhill are held by lease dated 2nd March by
Robert TRAVERS to William HONNER for a term of 164 years from 1st May then last.

A small portion of the lands of Roundhill, annexed to the 28 acres, held and enjoyed for a
long series of years is now held by lease dated 13th January 1854 made by Elizabeth TRAVERS.
Henry Cole BOWEN, Robert Travers Cole BOWEN, Nicholls Cole BOWEN, John Cole BOWEN, Catherine Cole
BOWEN, and Bryanna BOWEN to John BOWEN, Esq. for a term of 100 years.

This lease contains a covenant that the Lessee  shall preserve all the trees then growing on the
said premises to the utmost of his power. The House and demesne of Roundhill are situate in the
immediate vicinity of the Town of Bandon.

The original leases of 2nd March 1790 and 13th January 1854 and counterpart of the under-tenant's
lease of 31st August 1824 will be handed to the Purchaser.

SOURCE: Vol. 4 - FHL# 0258795 Encumbered Estates - County Cork.