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Source: National Archives London
Written: December 2, 1735
Recorded: June 16, 1737

In the of the Blessed Trinity father son and Holy Ghost Amen
I Redmond Barry by the Grace of God a Catholick and in my
perfect Sences (but weak in body) hereby make my last Will
and Testament and in first commend my soul to God who gave
it and begg that my body after my death may have a Christian
burial in Consecrated ground according to the Style of the
Catholick Church
next I have a child whose name in Nell Barry in the house
and Charge of my brother John Burk To whom I leave six pound
to be recovered by my Executor here named To my Brother and
Sister in whose Charge she is I leave forty Shillings that
they may take the tender care of said Child to my said
Executor whose name is Mr William Stamms I leave the
Incumbency as to recover the said effects which is namely
the Salary due to me of his Majesty for this Twelve months
wherein I have served his Majesty on board the Britania and
also the Incumbency of paying some small debts which I have
declared to him and made him acquainted with and also to
give the Charity of       half a Guinea to the Clergy of my
Church to pray for my Soul and if anything remains of what
comes due to me I apply it to his own use for the trouble he
is to undergoe for the remittances payments and performent
of this my will with its said Legacies all which I give him
all my Power and Interest and all that in Law can avail to
the end this my last Will and Testament its due
In Witness whereof I hereunto called Witnesses and delivered
it into my said Executor’s hands this 2 of 10br 1735 his
marke Redmond Barry
Witness Jos: Handley Hugh Duncan William Brereton 16 June
Administration issued to Morgan Edwards lawful Attorney
of William Stamms the Executor named in the Will of Redmond
Barry late of Cork in the Kingdom of Ireland but in his
Majesty’s Ship of War the Britannia widower for the use and
benefit of the said Executor now residing in the County of
Antrim in the Kingdom of Ireland
PCC Prob11/683