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Contributed by: Rosalind Dunning December 11, 2019,

Source: National Archives London
Written: December 15, 1839
Recorded: March 2, 1840

Extracted from the Registry of Her Majestys Court of
Prerogative in Ireland
In the Name of God Amen This is the Will of me John Collins
of Taureen Lodge in the County of Cork Doctor in Divinity of
the Sacred faculty of Paris etc. Being thro’ the mercy of
God in Possession of my sound senses and all my intellectual
faculties I declare this to be my last Will and Testament
having by a legal Deed of Settlement made over to my nephew
Edward John Collins Preparatory to his marriage with Sarah
Ann Roche daughter of James Roche Esqr of the City of Cork
all my lands houses & other property at my disposal & having
engaged at the same time to leave to him either by Deed or
Will all my furniture Books Pictures and Engravings and also
all my Plate he first Paying All my just debts I now confirm
the said Assignments and bequeath to him the above stated
property in manner following I give and bequeath to my
Sister Anne Collins a Breakfast Service a Silver Tea Pot a
Silver Cream eyer a Silver Goblet a small plated waiter and
Plated Muffineer as a testimonial of my everlasting
affection I also bequeath to my nephew John Philip Collins
all the articles of plate of which I made him a present
without any legal assignment as a mark of my affection
towards him and his amiable Wife And as to the remaining
part of my plate I give & bequeath it to my said nephew
Edward John Collins and I do so not only as an impulse of my
natural affection for him but also as an approbation of his
unremitting attentions and those of his excellent Wife which
have endeared her to my love and affection And I hereby
appoint my said nephew Edward John Collins my Residuary
Legatee and Executor In Witness whereof I have to this my
Will subscribed my name & affixed my Seal this fifteenth day
December one thousand eight hundred & thirty nine John
(Attestation Clause)
Denis Murphy RCC _ James Roche Director of the National Bank
of Ireland in
Proved at London 2 March 1841
PCC Prob11/1942