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File Description Size Date Contributor
Deputy Keeper - Proclamations 1661-182744KJun 2012 Mary Heaphy
Irish Gleanings - Extracted from Registration of American Citizens at US Consul offices in Dublin, Cork & Belfast 145K Nov 2009 Sheila
Assorted Indentures: Crawford & Rowley, Peacock & Lloyd, Taylor & Nixon - 1700's 5K
Oct 2011
M. Heaphy
Assorted Irish Gleanings 1700's 9KDec 2012Mary Heaphy
Licences to Roman Catholics, to Carry Arms - 17056KJul 2009Mary Heaphy
Irish Education 1731 8K Aug 2007 M. Heaphy
List of Converts and Protestant Settlers in Ireland - 1700's 11KMay 2012Mary Heaphy
List of Insolvent Debtors - 1772 14K May 2010 M. Heaphy
Honorary Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland since 178415KAug 2015Meadhbh Murphy
RCSI Presidents since its foundation in 17848K Aug 2015Meadhbh Murphy
Members of Parliament Representing Ireland - 1797 8K Aug 2007 Don Kelly
RCSI Registrars since 1816 2KAug 2015Meadhbh Murphy
Irish Sheriffs. 1833 2KJul 2007M. Heaphy
Irish Prisoners at Jedburgh Prison, Scotland, 1851 Census
Oct 2011
Graham Maxwell
Some Poor Removals from England to Ireland Jan 1867- Dec. 1869 36K Jul 2007 Gill Smith
Some Poor Removals from England to Ireland Jan 1867- Dec. 1869 (Sorted by Name) 34K Jul 2007 Gill Smith
Fenianism and School Teachers 33 names - 1860-1866
Jan 2011
M. Heaphy
List of those in prison under the Protection of Person & Property Act 188110KJul 2007M. Heaphy
List of Irish Receiving U.S. Pensions - 1883 (from American Wars)26KFeb 2009Mary Heaphy
List of Owners of Cars and Cycles Registered with Louth County Council - 1914 (Ireland)
Apr 2019
Sharon Slater

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