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The Maritime History Archive has in its holding a collection of Irish parish records on microfilm. Contained in these records are registers from parishes in County Kerry. View contact information and a detailed list of the Co. Kerry birth, death, and marriage registers in the collection.

I have reviewed the information provided by the Maritime History Archive regarding its Kerry parish register holdings, which are listed in the left hand column in the chart below. The chart provides more information I've added to enrich your use of their resource.

The Maritime Museum Archive list is entitled "Parishes", and is actually a mixture of Townlands, Catholic Parishes, and Civil Parishes. The information I have included is intended to help clarify the locations cited in the Archive records. Waterlilys.

Maritime Parish List Civil Parish Catholic Parish Townland
(aka O'Dorney)
Abbeydorney Abbeydorney Abbeydorney
Annascaul 1 Ballinacourty Annascaul Annascaul
Baile nah Eaglaise 2 Ballynahaglish Spa/Ardfert  
Ballanavohir Ballinvoher Annascaul/Ballyferriter Ballinvohir
(aka Ballynacourty)
Ballinacourty Annascaul Ballinacourty
Ballyferriter 3 Dunurlin Ballyferriter Ballyferriter
Castlegregory 4 Killiney Castlegregory Castlegregory
Castleisland Castleisland Castleisland Castleisland
Dingle Dingle Dingle Dingle
Dunnelin/Dunurlin 5 Dunurlin Ballyferriter  
Dunquin Dunquin Ballyferriter  
Kilgobbin Kilgobban Annascaul
(aka Cappaclough)
Killiny (Killiney) Killiny Castlegregory/Annascaul  
Kilmolkedar 6 Kilmalkedar Ballyferriter Kilmalkedar
Kilquane Kilquane Ballyferriter Kilquane
Lack 7 Ballinvoher Annascaul Lack
Marhin Mahrin Ballyferriter  

(1) Annascaul town is in Ballynacourty Civil Parish; it is also the name of a Catholic Parish

(2) This is a gaelic word Baile Nah Eaglaise = Ballynahaglish which is a Civil Parish located on Tralee Bay... part of Spa Catholic parish includes Fenit and Ardfert civil parishes.

(3) Ballyferriter is a townland in Dunurlin Civil Parish; it is also the name of a Catholic Parish

(4) Castlegregory is a townland in Killiney Civil Parish; it is also the name of a Catholic Parish

(5) Dunnelin/Dunurlin - I suggest they both might refer to Dunurlin Civil Parish which is located in Ballyferriter Catholic Parish.

(6) I suggest that Kilmolkadar is a varient spelling of the same townland often seen as Kilmalkedar Townland and Civil Parish, Ballyferriter Catholic Parish.

(7) Lack is a townland in Ballinvoher Civil Parish, it's not a Parish.

Civil Parishes & Catholic Parishes

Civil Parishes in the pertinent Kerry Catholic Parishes and register dates (depending on what year and parish restructuring):

Abbeydorney Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
O'Dorney, Kilfeighny, Killahan, Kilflyn

Annascaul Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
Ballynacourty, Kilgobban, parts of Ballinvoher (includes Lack townland), Annagh

Ballyferriter Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
Dunquin, Dunurlin, Marhin, Kilmalkedar, Kilquane, part of Ballinhover

Castlegregory Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
Cloghane, Ballyduff, Stradbally, Killiney

Castle Island Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
Ballinscualne, Castleisland (this parish borders changed greatly when restructured early 1900s)

Dingle Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
Kildrum, Garfinny, Dingle, Kinard, Minard, parts of Ballinvoher, Marhin, Ventry

Spa Catholic Parish consists of these Civil Parishes:
Ballynhaglish, Ardfert, Fenit

The Roman Catholic Parishes of Ballyferriter, Castlegregory, Dingle and Annascaul comprise an area that can also be described as Corkaguiny Barony which also covers what is commonly called the Dingle Peninsula.

What I suggest the Maritime Museum has are the Catholic Parish registers for Corkaguiny Barony plus part of the nearby Spa and the unconnected Abbeydorney and partial CastleIsland Catholic Parish register films. Check with them to be sure they have what you are searching for. I have heard others who have used the Maritime History Archives were pleased with their knowledge and with their work... of course they cannot guarantee results.

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