County Longford Landowners 1870's
Contributed by Jean Rice

Frances Ebbit, address Bawn, Drumlish, owned 22 acres in Co. Longford.
Antonie E. Edgeworth, address Edgeworthstown, owned 3,255 acres in Co. Longford.
Rev. Essex Edgeworth, address Kilshrewley, Ballinalee, owned 1,565 acres in Co. Longford.
Michael Pakenham Edgeworth, address Mostrim House, Anerly, London, owned 1,659 acres in Co. Longford.
Sir John Esmonde, Edmond G. Dease, and Fanny Grattan, addresses Ballynastragh, Gorey, Ballybrittas, Queen's Co., Grosvenor-ter, Rathgar, Dublin, owned 429 acres in Co. Longford.
George Evers, address Minard, Newtownforbes, owned 340 acres in Co. Longford.
Cornelius and James Fagan, address Lismacaffrey, Street, owned 216 acres in Co. Longford.
Ann Farrell, address Grillagh, Ardagh, owned 7 acres in Co. Longford.
Fergus Farrell, address Grillagh, Ardagh, owned 97 acres in Co. Longford.
James Farrell, address Loughill, Ardagh, owned 14 acres in Co. Longford.
Thomas Farrell, address Grillagh, Ardagh, owned 26 acres in Co. Longford.
William Farrell, address Grillagh, Ardagh, owned 51 acres in Co. Longford.
Thomas Farrelly, address Moyragh, Ardagh, owned 15 acres in Co. Longford.
John Fee, address Creive, Longford, owned 54 acres in Co. Longford.
Ann H. Ferguson, address Newtownforbes, Co. Longford, owned 383 acres in Co. Longford.
Francis Fetherston, Reps. of, address Wicklow, owned 1,343 acres in Co. Longford.
Sir George R. Fetherston, address Ardagh House, Ardagh, owned 7,420 acres in Co. Longford.
Sir Thos. Fetherston, address Wilton Castle, Co. Wexford, owned 1,291 acres in Co. Longford.
William Fetherstone, address Carrick, Mullingar, owned 498 acres in Co. Longford.
Charles Fitzgerald, address Dublin, owned 124 acres in Co. Longford.
Matthew Fitzgerald, address Farneyhoogan, Longford, owned 141 acres in Co. Longford.
Michael Fitzgerald, address Ballyglassin, Carrigboy, owned 512 acres in Co. Longford.
Mrs. Anne Flood, address Derrymacar, Kenagh, owned 426 acres in Co. Longford.
Margaret Flood, address Sheeppark, Athlone, 59 acres in Co. Longford.
Thomas Flood, address Legan, Lennamore, owned 22 acres in Co. Longford.1. Captain Fox, address Cordara, Lanesborough, owned 562 acres.
John Fox, address Terlicken, Ballymahon, owned 100 acres.
Captain Maxwell Fox, address Portarlington, owned 457 acres.
Richard E. Fox, address Foxhall, Lennamore, owned 3,085 acres.
John S. Galbraith, address Clonabogan, Omagh, owned 2,254 acres.
Mrs. Teresa Gallagher, address Longford, owned 2 acres.
Arthur Gamble, address Bank, Belfast, owned 406 acres.
James Geoffrey, address Bracklon, Edgeworthstown, owned 288 acres.
Owen Geraghty, address Ballymahon, owned 161 acres.
George Gibson, address Stonehall, Multyfarnham, owned 1 acre.
Henry Gilnagh, address Hilsbrook, Granard, owned 41 acres.
Thomas Gosselin, address Fernsborough, Granard, owned 287 acres.
"Governors of Erasmus Smith's Schools," address 40, Harcourt-street, Dublin, owned 2 acres.
Henry D. Grady, address 14, Ventor Villas, Brighton, England, owned 406 acres.
Henry Grove Grady, Reps. of, address Clifton Villa, Brighton, owned 331 acres.
Granard, The Right Hon., the Earl of, address Castleforbes, Newtownforbes, owned 14,978 acres.
"Grand Jury of Co. Longford," address Longford, owned 5 acres.
Rev. Francis F. Gregg, address Oldtown, Edgesworthstown, owned 846 acres.
Rev. Thomas Gregg, Reps. of, address Oldtown, Ardagh, owned 347 acres.
Henry O'F. Gregory, address Carrickmoira, Newtownforbes, owned 624 acres.
Algernon W. B. Greville, address 45, Sussex Gardens, London, owned 8,811 acres.
Lord Greville, address Clonyn, Delvin, owned 1,236 acres.
Jane Grey, address Glenoghill, Ballinalee, owned 54 acres.
Jane Grey, address 7, Upper Sherrad-st., Dublin, owned 211 acres.
Edward Grier, address Loughill, Ballinalee, owned 78 acres.
John Grier, address Hillsbrook, Granard, owned 163 acres.
George R. Gunning, address Mullingar, owned 125 acres.
Rev. Sir Henry Gunning, address Horton, Northampton, England, owned 2,033 acres.
Francis Guy, address Kilcurry, Ballymahon owned 106 acres.
James Hamilton, address Cornacassan, Monaghan, owned 532 acres.
Bernard Hanly, address Ballymahon, owned 389 acres.
Henry Harris, address Kildordan, Moyvore, owned 60 acres.
W. C. Henderson, address Dublin, owned 137 acres.
Christopher Hickey, address Rabbit Park, Ardagh, owned 14 acres.
Thomas Higgins, address Cloncullen, Ballymahon, owned 93 acres.
John Hinds, address Newgrove, Granard, owned 240 acres.
Francis Holton, address Cranleybeg, Ballymahon, owned 265 acres.
Nathanial Hone, Reps. of, address Athboy Lodge, Athboy, owned 313 acres.
Euphemia E. Hudson, address 11, Pembroke-rd., Dublin, owned 258 acres.
Andrew Huggins, address Aghintemple, Longford, owned 264 acres.
John Huggins, address Screebogue, Carrickboy, owned 110 acres.
Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes, address Dublin, owned 297 acres.
Patt Hughes, address Back-of-the-Hill, Ardagh, owned 5 acres.
Peter Hughes, address Loughill, Ardagh, owned 7 acres.
Sarah Hughes, address Cornadrung, Aghnaduff, Granard, owned 879 acres.
Robert Hussy, address Rabbit Park, Ardagh, owned 24 acres.
Albert Hutton of Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, and Stanford Hutton of Putney Park, S.W., London owned 1,608 acres.
John S. Ireland, address Lakeview, Ballinalee, Co. Longford, owned 405 acres.
W. N. Irwin, address Monaghan, owned 280 acres.


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