1889 Bassett's Directory of Tipperary

Tipperary Pt 1 (A-Mc)

  B W Allen Banks Bank Pl Tipperary Sub-Agent, BoI
  Jerh Allis Emigration Agents Davis St Tipperary  
  Jerh Allis Grocers Davis St Tipperary Spirits
  Wm Allis Union Tipperary Gortnacoolagh Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Wm Allis Union Tipperary   Tipperary Vice C'man
Mrs   Anderson Flour Merchants Main St 40 Tipperary  
Mrs Bt Anderson Flour Merchants Main St 47 Tipperary  
Mrs   Armstrong Farmers,Residents Henry St Tipperary  
  Patrick Barron Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe Tipperary  
  George Wm Bassett Magistrates Maryville, Birdhill Tipperary  
  Jas Behan Grocers Church St Tipperary Spirits
  Robt P Bell Farmers,Residents Pegsborough Tipperary  
Mrs C Bennett Saddlers James St Tipperary  
  Wm H M Bennett Magistrates Glenefy, Galbally Tipperary  
  Phillip Bishop Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  Thos Blackburn Grocers Henry St Tipperary Spirits, Hardware, Seeds
  Jno Blackburne Farmers,Residents Coolnaherin Tipperary  
Mrs A Bolster Grocers Henry St Tipperary Spirits
  Elly Bourke Union Tipperary Ballynagrana Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Jno V Bourke Wollens Michael St Tipperary  
  Michl Bowen Loan Fund Main St Tipperary Managing Clerk
Miss C Boyce Grocers Main St E 40 Tipperary  
  Fred Bradshaw Saddlers Henry St Up Tipperary  
  Jno Bradshaw Grocers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Jno Bradshaw Victuallers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  John Bradshaw Cattle Dealers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Wm Bradshaw Cattle Dealers Goats Ln Tipperary  
  Denis Breen Grocers Church St 6 Tipperary Spirits
  Denis Breen Grocers Main St 13 Tipperary  
  Dennis Breen Leather&Findings Main St 13 Tipperary  
  Ml Breen Provision Merchants Limerick St Tipperary  
  Ml Breen Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  John Brien Farmers,Residents Bohervendrum Tipperary  
  Wm Brien Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Rt Bronnack Saddlers Grattan St Tipperary  
  James Brougham Schools Private Michael St Tipperary  
  Daniel Buckley Beer Retailers Michael St Tipperary  
  John Burke Farmers,Residents Greenrath Tipperary  
  P V Burke Grocers Davis St 8 Tipperary Spirits
  Richard Butler Farmers,Residents   Tipperary  
  Thomas Butler Farmers,Residents Fawnagowna Tipperary  
V Rev Canon Rd Cahill Churches RC Michael St Tipperary PP, VG
  Denis Callaghan Cattle Dealers Church St Tipperary  
  Geo Cantwell Estate Office   Tipperary Office Mgr, AH Smith-Barry
Rev Walter Cantwell Churches RC Michael St Tipperary CC
  Jas Carew Drapers Main St 75 Tipperary &Co
  John A Carew Grocers Main St 50 Tipperary Spirits
  Michael Carew Grocers Main St 67 Tipperary Spirits,Seeds
  Richard Carew Commissioners   Tipperary For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  John Carrigan Emigration Agents Main St Tipperary  
  John Carrigan Printers(Typo) Main St 51 Tipperary  
  John Carrigan Stationers Main St 51 Tipperary News Agents
  William Carrigan Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  Rd Carroll Banks Main St Tipperary Mgr, Nat
  William H Carroll Banks Main St Tipperary Teller, M&L
  John C Carter R I Constabulary Davis St Tipperary DI
Miss Mary Casey Schools National Michael St Tipperary  
  Wm Casey Baths Turkish Main St Tipperary  
  Wm Casey Hardware&Timber Main St E 42 Tipperary  
  James Cashin Cattle Dealers Spittal Tipperary  
Mrs E Cavanagh Drapers James St Tipperary  
  John Chambers Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Jas Cleary Union Tipperary Ballinahinch Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Ml Cleary Union Tipperary Hymenstown Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Patk Cleary Drapers James St Tipperary  
Miss T Cleary Farmers,Residents Derby Tce Tipperary  
  Thos Cleary Union Tipperary Knockballynoe Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Thos Cleary Farmers,Residents Kilballynoe W Tipperary  
  Timy Cleary Union Tipperary Rathduff Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Michl Clifford Grocers Bank Pl Tipperary Spirits
  Denis Collins Stationers Bank Pl 11 Tipperary News Agents
  Geoffrey Coman Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  Path Coman Grocers Main St 49 Tipperary Spirits
  Wm Coman Grocers Main St E 50 Tipperary Spirits, Seeds, Hardware
  Wm Condon Grocers Main St 57 Tipperary Spirits, Seeds
  Patrick Connell Farmers,Residents Clonpet Tipperary  
Dr Dl Conway Dispensaries Abbey St Tipperary MO
  Dl Conway Physicians Michael St Tipperary  
  Jno Conway Union Tipperary Miltown Tipperary Elected Guardians
  John Conway Union Tipperary   Tipperary Dep Vice C'man
Miss Eliza Corbett Schools National Michael St Tipperary  
  James Corboy Farmers,Residents Friarsfield Tipperary  
  John Corboy Farmers,Residents Stokaun Tipperary  
  Patrick John Corboy Farmers,Residents Newtown Tipperary  
  Michl Corby Grocers Main St 46 Tipperary Spirits
  John V Costelloe Builders Bridge St Tipperary CE
Mrs E Cotter Leather&Findings Main St 62 Tipperary  
  J P Cotter Leather&Findings Main St 3 Tipperary  
  Jerh P Cotter Grocers Bridge St Tipperary Spirits
Mrs M A Cotter Leather&Findings Main St 12 Tipperary  
  Matthew Cranitch Farmers,Residents Newtown Tipperary  
  John Cranley Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe Tipperary  
Mrs M Cranley Victuallers Michael St Tipperary  
  Patk Cranley Victuallers Michael St Tipperary  
  Timy Cranley Victuallers Michael St Tipperary  
  John Cranly Cattle Dealers Church St Tipperary  
  Pat Cranly Cattle Dealers Michael St Tipperary  
  Pat Cranly Cattle Dealers Breansha Tipperary Junior
  Rd Creed Union Tipperary Cloyne Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  John Cronin Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Jerh Cross Union Tipperary Rossacrow Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Thos Cross Union Tipperary Garauneanty Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Thos Cross Farmers,Residents Garranacanty Tipperary  
  Patk Crowe Union Tipperary Kilmore Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Jno Culinaan Union Tipperary Bansha Tipperary Elected Guardians
  John Cummins Butter Merchants Bank Pl Tipperary  
  John Cummins Provision Merchants Bank Pl Tipperary  
  John Cummins Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  John Cummins Farmers,Residents Ballyhusty Tipperary  
  Wm Cummins Farmers,Residents Sadlierswells Tipperary  
  Ml Cunningham Union Tipperary Brackayle Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Richard Dalton Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
Mrs H D'Alton Farmers,Residents Galttee View Tipperary  
Rev Br J P D'Alton Schools Christian Bros   Tipperary Superior
  James D'Alton Builders Church St Tipperary  
  M O'B D'Alton Chandlers Manufacturing Main St 35 Tipperary  
  M O'B D'Alton Coal Merchants Main St 35,36 Tipperary  
  M O'B D'Alton Flour Merchants Main St 35,36 Tipperary  
  M O'B D'Alton Millers Main St Tipperary  
  Michael D'Alton Coach Builders Henry St Tipperary  
  Michael D'Alton Union Tipperary Henry St Tipperary Chairman
  Ml D'Alton Union Tipperary   Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Edmond Daly Cattle Dealers James St Tipperary  
  Ml Daly Union Tipperary Lattin Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Pat Daly Victuallers James St Tipperary  
  Rd Daly Union Tipperary Gortnatrime Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Jas D'Arcy Grocers Main St 48 Tipperary Spirits, Seeds
  Morgan M D'Arcy Medical Halls Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Michl Darmody Grocers Henry St 92 Tipperary Spirits
  Denis Davern Hardware&Timber Church St 1 Tipperary Seeds
  Michael Davern Farmers,Residents Ballyhusty Tipperary  
  Jas Davos Stationers John St Tipperary News Agents
Capt Geo K S Massy Dawson Magistrates Ballinacourte Tipperary Deputy Lieutenant
  GKSM Dawson Union Tipperary Ballinacourte Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  Jerh Dawson Coal Merchants Michael St Tipperary  
  Jerh Dawson Gas Co   Tipperary Collector
  Jerh Dawson Town Commissioners Michael St Tipperary Clerk
  Andrew Delaney Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Matthew Delaney Farmers,Residents Clonpet Tipperary  
  Nichls Delaney Farmers,Residents Rathnaveen O Tipperary  
  Ml Delany Drapers James St 5 Tipperary  
  Nichls Delany Town Commissioners   Tipperary Street Inspector
  Heffernan Considine Derk Union Tipperary Pallasgreen Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  Geo Devereux Farmers,Residents Knockinrawley Tipperary  
  S Morse Digby Banks Bank Pl Tipperary Teller, BoI
  John Dillon Farmers,Residents Breanshabeg Tipperary  
  Wm F Dillon Banks Main St Tipperary Acc, Nat
  James Dobbyn Hotels Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Jas Dobbyn Union Tipperary Bank Pl Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  Edm Doherty Farmers,Residents Lackentedane Tipperary  
  Jerh Doherty Grocers Bank Pl 9 Tipperary Spirits
  John Doherty Grocers Main St E 8 Tipperary Spirits
  John Doherty Post Cars & Hearses Michael St Tipperary  
  John Doherty Post Office James St Tipperary Chief Clerk
  John Doherty Schools National Michael St Tipperary  
  John Doherty Farmers,Residents Breanshamore Tipperary  
  Ml Doherty Farmers,Residents Ballyhusty Tipperary  
  Rd Doherty Farmers,Residents Knockinrawley Tipperary  
  Ty Doherty Farmers,Residents Lackentedane Tipperary  
  Wm Doherty Grocers Church St 11 Tipperary Spirits
  Matt Donovan Farmers,Residents Clashalaher Tipperary  
  J M Dowley Union Tipperary Bank Pl Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  James M Dowley Magistrates Bank Pl Tipperary  
  James M Dowley Banks Bank Pl Tipperary Agent, BoI
  J J Dowling Physicians Henry St Tipperary  
Dr Jerh Dowling Union Tipperary   Tipperary Med Officer
  J F Duggan Coal Merchants Main St 5,6 Tipperary  
  J F Duggan Hardware&Timber Main St 5,6 Tipperary Seeds
  Patk Duggan Union Tipperary Bolboa Tipperary Elected Guardians
  John Duhy Grocers Main St 30 Tipperary Spirits
Mrs Mt Dunne Grocers Bridge St Tipperary  
  Thos Dunphy Union Tipperary Sergeant's Lot Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Connor Dwyer Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  Edm Dwyer Union Tipperary Baghagha Tipperary Elected Guardians
  James Dwyer Farmers,Residents Bohercrow Tipperary  
  Jno Dwyer Union Tipperary Kyle Tipperary Elected Guardians
  John Dwyer Farmers,Residents Ardloman Tipperary  
  Jos Dwyer Farmers,Residents Mount Bruis Tipperary  
  Michael Dwyer Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  Michl Dwyer Grocers Church St 4 Tipperary Spirits, Seeds
  Ml Dwyer Farmers,Residents Breanshamore Tipperary  
  Pat Dwyer Cattle Dealers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Wm Dwyer Grocers Limerick St Tipperary Spirits
  William Eaton Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Wm Eaton Farmers,Residents Sandymount Tipperary  
  J O'Grady England Explosives Inspector Court Ho Tipperary  
Mrs M England Grocers Henry St 16 Tipperary Spirits, Seeds
Mrs E English Hardware&Timber Main St E 49 Tipperary Seeds
  James English Farmers,Residents Sollohedbeg Tipperary  
  Joseph English Cattle Dealers Main St E Tipperary  
Mrs M T English Flour Merchants Main St 56 Tipperary  
  Ml English Farmers,Residents Bridge St Tipperary  
Mrs Mt English Corn Merchants Bridge St Tipperary  
Mrs Mt English Drapers Main St 257 Tipperary Pawnbroker
Mrs Mt English Grocers Bridge St Tipperary Spirits
  T&J English Victuallers Main St E 45 Tipperary  
  Timothy English Grocers Main St E 46 Tipperary Spirits
  Tobias E English Hides&Skins Main St Tipperary  
  Wm English Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  William Evans Boots & Shoes Davis St 18 Tipperary  
Mrs K Fahy Hardware&Timber Main St 9 Tipperary Seeds
Mrs K Fahy Knitting Factory Main St 9 Tipperary  
  R Fahy Saddlers Henry St 2 Tipperary  
  John Fanning Farmers,Residents Lacken Tipperary  
    Fitzgerald Farmers,Residents Henry St Tipperary  
  E Fitzgerald Grocers Main St 33,34 Tipperary Spirits
Mrs J Fitzgerald Grocers Main St 1 Tipperary Spirits
  J J Fitzgerald Grocers Henry St 5 Tipperary Spirits
  James J Fitzgerald Auctioneers Henry St 5 Tipperary  
  Jas Fitzgerald Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Phillip Fitzgerald Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  P J Flynn Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Paul J Flynn Emigration Agents Henry t Tipperary  
  Dd Fogerty Farmers,Residents Moatquarter Tipperary  
  Thos Fogerty Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle M Tipperary  
  Chas Forde Banks Davis St Tipperary Mgr, Prov
  Jerh Frewen Farmers,Residents Barronstown Tipperary  
  Thomas Frewen Union Tipperary Gortavoher Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Wm Frewen Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  Michael Gillane Town Commissioners   Tipperary Ex C'man
  Michl Gillane Grocers Henry St 30 Tipperary Spirits
  Jas Glasheen Farmers,Residents Garranacanty Tipperary  
  Rd Glasheen Farmers,Residents G'knockeare Tipperary  
  E D Godfrey Tobacconists Main St E 41 Tipperary  
  Edm E Godfrey Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Jas Godfrey Tobacconists Main St 26 Tipperary  
  John Godfrey Grocers Main St E 48 Tipperary Spirits
  John Godfrey Post Cars & Hearses Main St E 48 Tipperary  
  John Godfrey Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Margt Godfrey Union Tipperary   Tipperary Matron
  Wm Godfrey Union Tipperary   Tipperary Master
  Jas Godfry Farmers,Residents Reddanswalk Tipperary  
  Thos Godfry Farmers,Residents Clonmorewalk Tipperary  
  Wm Godfry Farmers,Residents Clonmorewalk Tipperary  
  Edm Grant Farmers,Residents Sadlierswells Tipperary  
  Jas Green Union Tipperary Killea Tipperary Elected Guardians
Mrs Bt M Greene Grocers Main St 11 Tipperary Spirits
  Jerh Grogan Union Tipperary Moantaboe Tipperary Elected Guardians
    Guinan Farmers,Residents Reddanswalk Tipperary  
Rev Denis Hanan Churches CoI Church St Tipperary BD
Rev Denis Hanan Union Tipperary   Tipperary BD, CoI Chaplin
Rev James Hanley Union Tipperary   Tipperary Chaplin RC
  Denis Hanly Wollen Manftrs Lacken Tipperary  
  Edm Hanly Farmers,Residents Shanballymore Tipperary  
  E Hannon Provision Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  John Harding Tobacco Manufacturers Main St 10 Tipperary  
  Geo R Harkness Watchmakers Grattan St Tipperary  
  John Harney Chandlers Manufacturing Main St 10 Tipperary  
    Harrison Butter Merchants Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Wm Haslam Drapers Main St 52,53 Tipperary  
  James Hayes Corn Merchants James St Tipperary  
  Jas Hayes Flour Merchants Davis St Tipperary  
  Jno Hayes Grocers Henry St 76 Tipperary Spirits
  Jno Hayes Union Tipperary Lisgaugh Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Jos Hayes Grocers Main St 45 Tipperary Spirits
  Lce Hayes Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Lce Hayes Grocers Henry St 8 Tipperary  
  Lce Hayes Farmers,Residents Murgasty Tipperary  
  Maurice Hayes Drapers Main St 16 Tipperary Pawnbroker
  Mce Hayes Butter Merchants Main St Tipperary  
  P R Hayes Grocers Main St 25 Tipperary Spirits
  Patrick Hayes Boots & Shoes Henry St 18 Tipperary  
  Thomas Hayes Farmers,Residents Raheen Up Tipperary  
  Timothy Hayes Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Michael Healy Boots & Shoes Michael St 1 Tipperary  
  Thomas Heaphy Bakers Church St 5 Tipperary  
  David Heelan Union Tipperary   Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Dd Heelan Drapers Main St 51 Tipperary  
  E Heffernan Farmers,Residents Reddanswalk Tipperary Senior
  Edm Heffernan Farmers,Residents Reddanswalk Tipperary  
  John Heffernan Spirit Retailers Church St 2 Tipperary  
  Ml Heffernan Drapers Main St E Tipperary  
  Jas Hennessy Confectioners Henry St 6 Tipperary  
  Jas Hennessy Grocers Henry St 6 Tipperary Spirits
  Roger Hennessy Farmers,Residents Gotinstown Tipperary  
  Nich Herr Farmers,Residents G'knockeare Tipperary  
  Patrick Herr Farmers,Residents Friarsfield Tipperary  
  Joseph Heuston Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Rt B Heuston Farmers,Residents Gotinstown Tipperary  
  Wm Hilliard Watchmakers Main St E 47 Tipperary  
Mrs   Hodges Farmers,Residents Michael St Tipperary  
  Denis Hogan Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe Tipperary Junior
  Edmond Hogan Bakers Bank Pl 3 Tipperary  
  Edmond Hogan Grocers Bank Pl 3 Tipperary Spirits
  Edmond Hogan Farmers,Residents Knockinrawley Tipperary  
  James Hogan Farmers,Residents Stokaun Tipperary  
  John H Hogan Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  Matt Hogan Union Tipperary Coolnagun Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Michael Hogan Spirit Retailers Michael St 3 Tipperary  
  Michl Hogan Grocers Main St 7 Tipperary Spirits
  Patrick Hogan Farmers,Residents Grenane Tipperary  
  Wm Hogan Farmers,Residents Grantstown Tipperary  
Rev Jno Holmes Churches Presbyterian James St Tipperary  
  James Honan Farmers,Residents Ballyhurst Tipperary  
  Rd Hourigan Grocers Henry St Tipperary Spirits
  Rd Hourigan Post Cars & Hearses Henry St Tipperary  
Mrs Bt Humphreys Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Wm Humphries Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
Rev Dd Humphrys Churches RC Michael St Tipperary CC
  Vere D U Hunt Farmers,Residents B'kasteen Tipperary  
  William Hurley Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Wm Hurley Grocers Main St 37 Tipperary Spirits
  Daniel Kelly Drapers   Tipperary  
  Dl Kelly Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  John Kelly Farmers,Residents Coolnagun Tipperary  
  Thos Kelly Grocers Grattan St Tipperary Spirits, Hardware
  Wm Kelly Farmers,Residents Coolnagun Tipperary  
  James Kenane Farmers,Residents Ardloman Tipperary  
  Edmond Kennedy Grocers Henry St Tipperary Spirits, Seeds
  Jas Kennedy Bakers Main St E 5, 7 Tipperary  
  Martin Kennedy Boots & Shoes Main St 20 Tipperary  
  Michael Kennedy Cattle Dealers John St Tipperary  
  Ty Kennedy Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  John Kenny Farmers,Residents Mount Bruis Tipperary  
  Henry A Kerin Banks Main St Tipperary Mgr, M&L
  Hy A Kerin Commissioners   Tipperary For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
Mrs Mt Kerwick Grocers Main St 71,73. Tipperary Spirits
  Jno Kiely Grocers Henry St Tipperary Spirits
  Thomas Kiely Farmers,Residents Ardloman Tipperary  
  Jas Kinane Farmers,Residents Corrogemore Tipperary  
  M Kinane Farmers,Residents G'knockeare Tipperary  
  Matt Kinane Boots & Shoes Main St 15 Tipperary  
Miss E O King Stationers Main St E 44 Tipperary  
  Robrert King Railways Station Tipperary SM, W&L
    Kirby Builders Church St Tipperary Bros
  Jas Lahy Farmers,Residents Gortnakeare Tipperary  
  Timothy Lahy Farmers,Residents Rathnaveen R Tipperary  
  John Lalor Butter Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Ml Leahy Farmers,Residents Rathnaveen R Tipperary  
  Patk Leahy Farmers,Residents Main St 31 Tipperary  
  John Lewis Bakers Henry St 77 Tipperary  
  John Lewis Grocers Henry St 77 Tipperary Spirits
Rev W B Lindesay Schools Grammer   Tipperary LLB, Head Master
  Conor Lonergan Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  James Lonergan Boots & Shoes Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Michael Loobey Farmers,Residents Camea Tipperary  
  Francis W Low Magistrates Spring House Tipperary Deputy Lieutenant
  F W Lowe Union Tipperary Spring House Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  F W Lowe Farmers,Residents Kilshane Tipperary JP
  Patk Lowrey Union Tipperary Fawnagown Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Patrick Lowry Farmers,Residents Fawnagowan Tipperary  
  T Lyons Drapers Main St 31 Tipperary &Co,Ltd
  Edward Maher Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  Matthew Maher Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Bryan Mahony Builders Ardlamon Tipperary  
Mrs E Marnane Bakers Main St 44 Tipperary  
Major H W Massy Union Tipperary Grantstown Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
Major H W Massy Farmers,Residents G'town Tipperary JP
Major Henry W Massy Magistrates Grantstown Tipperary  
  Jno Massy Union Tipperary Kingwells House Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  John Massy Magistrates Kingswell House Tipperary  
  John Massy Farmers,Residents Kingswell House Tipperary JP
  W G D Massy Farmers,Residents G'town Tipperary JP
Maj Gen Wm G D Massy Magistrates Grantstown Tipperary CB
Miss J M McCaffrey Boots & Shoes Michael St 14 Tipperary  
  B McCarthy Coach Builders Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Bartw McCarthy Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  J McCarthy Farmers,Residents Barronstown O Tipperary  
  Henry McCormack Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Hy McCormack Painters Davis St 3 Tipperary  
  J R McCormack Printers(Typo) Abbey St Tipperary  
  John McCormack Grocers Church St 2 Tipperary Spirits, Seeds
  John McCormack Newspapers Abbey St Tipperary Tipperary People, weekly
  John McCormack Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  John T McCormack Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
Mrs Mt McCormack Drapers Michael St 2 Tipperary  
  Patrick McCormack Farmers,Residents Lisheen Tipperary  
  Thomas McCormack Farmers,Residents Lisheen Tipperary  
  Thos McCormack Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Ts McCormack Grocers Main St E (.10 Tipperary Spirits
    McCuaig Grocers Main St E 43 Tipperary Bros, Spirits
  Chas McCurtin Millers Kilshane Tipperary  
  Patrick McCurtin Farmers,Residents Corrogemore Tipperary  
  John McDonnell Farmers,Residents Main St 29 Tipperary  
  P R McGrath Drapers Main St 38,39 Tipperary  
  Patk McGrath Railways James St Tipperary Mgr. GS&W office
  Patk R McGrath Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Ptk McGrath Drapers Henry St 3 Tipperary  
  Thomas McGrath Bakers Main St 55 Tipperary  
  Thos McGrath Confectioners Main St Tipperary  
  Thos McGrath Drapers Main St 41 Tipperary &Co
Mrs Bt McKenna Grocers Henry St 86 Tipperary Spirits
  James McKeogh Farmers,Residents Sollohedbeg Tipperary